Sunday, November 17, 2013

Comics Review: Marvel Knight's Spider-Man #2

Written by: Matt Kindt
Art by: Marco Rudy

    This book is definitely off to a strange start. Peter took an odd photo job that turned out to be a trap set up for Spider-Man! He then had to face some of the weirdest foes he's ever had to throw down with, and at the head of it all (in issue 1 at least) was the dreaded Arcade! Spidey was drugged up and woozy, but Arcade told him he had to fight 99 of his own villains or a bomb was going to go off somewhere undisclosed! Seems like some pretty heavy stuff for a comic book, man its good to have Marvel Knights back! So now let's crack open this issue and see what the hell Peter can get himself into next!

    Spider-Man is falling again, like he's one to do in this book. As we turn the page we see where exactly he's falling, and that's out of an airplane! Is it a dream? Is it the drugs? Is it possibly real?! Who knows, but what he do know is, it was 15 minutes ago. So the next page brings us back to the place before it blew up and started its fiery decent. On the plane, we have some top notch B-Class villains of Spider-Man. Mysterio, Sandman, Hydro-Man and the Shocker! All these guys on one plane has GOT to suck. I mean, how did these guys get through security?! Anywho, the first to try and take the spider's head is the Shocker. Spidey deals with that fairly quickly, after all a change of clothes doesn't make a villain any more dangerous. A quick punch to the face after a fancy flip behind the body takes Shocker out of commission easily. Most of the credit for that has to go to his Spider-Sense. For those of you who don't know what it is, the next two pages gives us a great description while showing us the Sense in action. As he's punching Shocker through a wall, we see the word "WARNING" appear over around Spider-Man's head while Sandman and Hydro-Man come up behind him. His Spider-Sense is like an alarm that buzzes in Spider-Man's head when danger is near. Not only that, but it helps him make decisions too, when he has to think on how to get out of danger, it'll buzz on the bad ideas and stay quiet on the good ones. Needless to say, Peter has to constantly be on his toes even with the help of the Spider-Sense. 

    He's not able to dodge the sand in time, Sandman expands himself to take up the entire cabin on the plane and surrounds the Web Head. Peter's reminded of the times he used to love the beach, now he just hates the very smell of sand. Thanks Marco. Spidey finally busts his way out of the sand with his very fists. Before he can finish throwing up the sand that was lodged in his stomach, he gets smacked by water. Hydro-Man is now taking his turn at destroying the Wall Crawler. He takes a very unique approach to Spider-Man. He doesn't try to drown him, but to dry him out. He's absorbing all the water from inside Spider-Man's body, dehydrating him. He's dealt with very luckily to the Shocker being knocked out nearby. Spider-Man gives Hydro-man a well placed fist to the jaw that knocks him into Shocker. And for those of you who've never seen an episode of Pokemon, when water and electricity mix, its goes kaboom! Now the only foe left on this flight to nowhere is Mysterio. This could all very well be in Spider-Man's head because of this man, and the best way to stop that is by destroying his helmet. That's what gives Mysterio his power. Its what helps him create all his illusions. So what do you do to stop that? You punch him right in the damn head. Now the cockpit is open but there aren't any pilots! So who's been flying this damn plane the entire time?! Peter doesn't know how to fly a plane, so there's only one option left, JUMP!

    As he descends closer to earth we see the plane blow up above him, and all the way down, he can't help but think who's behind all this. Really dude? Falling out of a plane and THAT'S what you think about? I don't know, maybe it would be different if I had spider powers. He's starting to connect the dots and realize that these guys are all too dumb to be able to come together like this. There has to be someone smart above them. Someone with power. A Kingpin. And that ends the issue this week. Its a very weird book but I love it. The art is all over the place and honestly, its a little hard to keep up with, but I'm loving the story and that's what keeping me going. I love the dark tone of the Marvel Knights books and I'm glad to see them back. I've already bought MK X-Men and I'm excited for MK Hulk. This is definitely a recommended read for anyone who's a fan of dark tone books or Spider-Man. Hope Spidey can get those 99 villains or a lot of innocent dead people are gonna be piiiiiiissed. Until next week!

-Matt Milanes

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