Friday, November 8, 2013

Comics Review: Mighty Thor #200

Written By Gerry Conway & Stan “The Man” Lee
Art By Big John Buscema
Inks By John Verpoorten

Beware! If this be…Ragnarok. With a tittle like that you know it’s got to be good. Am I right? Tash Moore here with your blast from the somewhat past. Looking back at the 200th issue of the Mighty Thor to see just what the hell was going on in the thunder god's world back in the Bronze Age. We get a little back and forth in this issue where we get current Thor and Future Thor. Jason Aaron may have stolen this idea but we like him so we won’t judge.

In the last issue of Thor, the thunder god has been felled by the night god Pluto, who has come for Odin’s soul. Thor ain’t going to give up without a fight. Pretty much it’s a huge battle with Pluto and his gang taking on all of Asgard. It’s like the toughest kid on the block taking on the neighborhood bully in the local pool hall. Thor is taken down by some form of chicanery from Pluto. Before the final axe is swung the Norns see what’s going on. They know it’s not Thor’s time to die just yet.

The Norns look into the future and show Odin, Thor and Loki hanging around in Asgard. Loki then shows his true colors and leads an army to attack Asgard. Thor and the Asgardians fight back. But then out of totally nowhere comes the Midgard Serpent. Whose appearance spells the end of all worlds. Thor talks Loki into helping him fight off the Midgard Serpent. Thor tells Loki that the Serpent will destroy all. “Who wants to be king of dead men!?!” Thor asks. That’s some pretty heavy stuff. Star Trek heavy.

Loki finally lends a hand to his brother. But sadly it’s too little, too late. Thor, Loki and even the all powerful Odin are killed by the Midgard Serpent. Nothing is left of Asgard but all the death and destruction. Surtur the fire god shows up and burns everything and then over millions of years Asgard cools. Then life springs from it in the form of New Gods. (Not those New Gods.)

Wait so Gods die then come back? Then why the hell was Thor and Loki fighting so hard when they are just going to come back to life and start the same crap all over again? Cool story if pointless to me. But on the plus side we get Stan Lee back for the 200th issue of this mighty mag. (I miss comics being called that.) Again you can’t get any better with the pencils of this comic. You know, Big John Buscema didn’t really care for drawing super hero comics. You could have fooled me. His work has always been a high point of the comics industry.

Back to the story. The Norns won’t let Thor be killed. (Yet.)  Before Thor is hit square in the face by Pluto’s Axe, the Norns send out a beam to blow it up and give Thor some time to get his crap together. That way he and Pluto can continue the fight for Odin’s soul. Fight, fight, fight! Well that’s it for now. I’ll be back to tell you how the fight was won. Pretty sure Thor will win. Hey, the book isn’t called the Mighty Pluto!

-Tash Moore

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