Thursday, November 14, 2013

Comics Review: Mighty Thor #201

Written By Gerry Conway
Art By John Buscema and Jim Mooney

This issue opens up in Brooklyn, where Heimdall shows up with some super secret task given to him by Odin. In this issue we don’t get the full detail of what he’s doing but I’m pretty sure we will find out later.  But back on Asgard is where the fight between Thor and Pluto are still battling it out for Odin’s soul.

The battle is so epic in scope that Thor and Pluto are shaking Asgard to it’s core. Hela has so much respect for All Father Odin that she gives him his life back. I had no idea that you could do that for someone you respect so much. Shows what I know.
It’s so simple. With Odin now walking around like he owns the place (he does), Odin makes Pluto leave. Man, I don’t know about you but that ending was weak as hell. Which is where Odin was going. HIYO!

Hey guys, remember Sif? Well I bet you did but I sure as hell didn’t. She’s been on Earth for safe keeping during the big fight with Mangog. So much for her being a warrior. But she isn’t out of danger because of a small piece of EGO the living planet, which is called EGO (Optimus?) Prime. His only want is to destroy the planet. Go figure.

The ending of this issue has Odin back in good health thanking Hela and Thor and all of Asgard for helping him in his great time of need. It really feels like Odin is a super needy dude. For an All Father he sure as hell don’t know much. Odin gives Thor a pat on the ass and lets him and the Warriors Three go to Earth for a little R&R.

When they get there they land right into Sif and Ego Prime. Wow, that was convenient. Kind of like someone out there had plotted it that way. This was a little bit of a weak issue story-wise. You can almost feel the goofy modern era of comics sneaking in to this. No rest in between stories. Just a brand new bad guy to fight. 

But you know what wasn’t weak? Yeah, you guessed it. The art. I know I say this every review but Big John Buscema is still a master artist. I don’t think I nor anyone has ever had anything bad to say about his art. Guess what? It still stands the test of time. Great art and Thor looked cool swinging his hammer. What more could you want?

-Tash Moore 

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