Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Comics Review: Mighty Thor #202

Written By Gerry Conway
Pencils By John Buscema
Inks By Vinne Coletta

Ego Prime is on Earth and boy is he pissed. It must be because of that name that’s upsetting him. Tash Moore here, I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything here so I’m back with a little pre-thanksgiving Thor review. Thor won’t be eating turkey and hanging with Loki in today’s review. He’s got to go toe to toe with wait for it…….. Ego Prime!

Just who or what is Ego Prime? Why here’s a little back story for you kids out there. Ego Prime is a very small piece of Ego the living planet that Thor fought during the Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby Silver Age run. Ego is a planet with a face on it. And yes it looks as cool as it sounds. Thank Jack Kirby. So while Thor was fighting Pluto for the life of Odin on Asgard the small piece of Ego landed on Earth evolving into the villain of the month, Ego prime.

Thor and Crew meet up with Sif on Earth because Odin felt they needed a break. You know after saving the universe and Odin I’d demand some damn time off just because I think I’ve earned it to be honest with you. You don’t see Captain America get time off.  Thor and the Warriors Three and Sif fight with Ego Prime. Things don’t look too good for the good guys because Ego Prime keeps using his evil (awesome?) dreads to throw Thor and the gang away from him. Also he can use his eyes to turn humans into monsters.

Back on Asgard, Karnilla the norn queen is boo-hooing because Balder the Brave shows up to lend a hand to the God of Thunder. She wants Balder to love her as she loves him but as long as Thor is in trouble Balder will be forever out of reach. She fears that Balder might be killed so she rushes off to see if Odin can help with his super awesome powers of having a beard.

Odin declines to seeing anyone. Karnilla is pissed because she fears for Balder. But hey, if you haven't been reading Thor’s mighty mag for long you know that Odin sees all! (Except out of that right eye! HIYO) Odin knows his son is in a titanic struggle, but won’t lift a finger to help him. So Thor looks like he’s all on his own with this one battle.

Funny story in this issue. I like that the current creative team used Ego and built off of that idea with Ego Prime. Also another cool page was the giant splash page by John Buscema of Odin in his throne room playing with chess pieces that look like our heroes.  Some of the best art in this era or any other. So I’ll be back soon with how this whole thing turns out. See you soon gang.

-Tash Moore

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  1. It's awesome that Thor takes a bunch of breaks after fighting. It's all a part of his character. He has to drink and seduce women. I can't imagine Captain America seducing women in a bar after a hard day's work. He's too busy drawing pictures of his son for any of that. Nice review, and I like the back-story you provided on Ego Prime.