Friday, November 22, 2013

Dead Talks #1: The Walking Dead # 115

Written by: Robert Kirman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

    Welcome to the inaugural review in a new segment we here at the Verbal Mosh are calling...get ready...its awesome...Dead Talks. AIN'T IT GREAT?!?! Anyway, we're here bringing you some in depth Walking Dead coverage and just in time for the 10 year anniversary AND the start of their big new story arc "All Out War"! I'm very excited for this mainly because I'm a huge fan of the book but ALSO, this arc is a 12 parter!!! For those of you who don't know, this book only comes out once a month so this one single arc will last an entire year!!! Ok, enough rambling, let me catch you folks up on what's been going on lately in the life of Rick and his group. They've all been living just fine in the town Rick found, except they have to answer to Negan. Leader of the Saviors, a group who controls all the neighboring towns. They've got an "agreement" with Rick to take half of everything they own, once a month. Half their food, half their ammo, half their weapons. Rick isn't going to stand for this any longer, he's made alliances with some of the towns that also hate Negan and they've come together to bring war on him. And now, ladies and gents, we crack open issue 115 and begin...All Out War. 

    It opens up in the morning, Rick waking up next to Andrea. He seems content, confident. But with all confidence, comes some reservations. He understands people are going to die, but he's ready for it. It is something that needs to be done to help liberate the people. He's gotten a little more worried since the people have such high hopes in him. After all, all he's ever done was try to keep the people who he loves safe, and that hasn't worked out all too well. His wife is dead, his daughter is dead, his best friend, and many people of the group who they started with are all gone. Luckily, he's got Andrea with him to help clear his mind, letting him know that no matter what happens, it'll all be worth it because he's still going to help somebody. Over at Michonne's house, her and Ezekiel (leader of a nearby town, also owner of a very well trained tiger named Shiva. Yep, a tiger.) have been getting it on, as Michonne is one to do. Fortunately for both of them, neither wants this to really mean anything. Careless sex is always good sex, but it has potential. Potential to grow into something else, but that's not the case right now. Just at the right moment, Ezekiel's head of security comes to the door to let him know that the buses have arrived from their town and are ready to go. Its time to tell Rick and the others.

    All the soldiers gather up inside the church and once everyone is gathered and ready, they head outside to go over the plan one last time and make their way to Negan's hideout. Which is a giant factory type place surrounded by walkers on the top of a hill. Some people will be taking big risks and going to the hideout, others will have to stay home and defend the town in case the fight comes back. They say what could possibly be their final goodbyes, and head forward. Once in position at Negan's factory, Rick lets off two bullets to ring out in the air, calling out Negan to show himself. Negan comes out and is shocked by this gathering. Shocked in more of they're an annoyance kind of way. He can't believe Rick is STILL trying to fight this, but Rick goes about this a different way. He simply wants to peacefully end Negan's rule. No more supplies to him, no more listening to them, but peacefully. Rick doesn't want violence, he just wants an agreement. Negan isn't having that, since he's the reason most of these people are even still alive. Naturally, he refuses, and Rick answers that with letting him know, if he refuses, his group of three communities wide will fight their way into Negan's hideout and it won't be pretty once they get in. Negan, being the evil, foul mouthed genius that he has has a retort to that idea as well. From captivity he brings out  Gregory, the leader of the Hilltop, a nearby town that had originally sided with Rick. He announces that the Hilltop fights on the side of Negan and won't revolt, if Rick continues, he'll have two communities to deal with. He warns Rick to go back home, or there won't be a home to go back to.

    And that closes off issue 1 of All Out War. That was pretty intense, if you ask me. This book has never failed in ending an issue on a cliffhanger. This series truly is what Kirkman said it would be years ago, a zombie flick that never ends. I've read every issue of this series and I can't say I've ever read one that ended on a positive note. That's one of the many aspects that keeps me coming back to this book month after month and I'm glad I can have a part in bringing that excitement to you guys reading this right now. I'm so stoked to see how this ends, and I'm not sure if I'm pissed, or super excited that its going to take a whole year. I hope there's death, and LOTS of it. No one safe, always keep that in mind with this book. Until next month!

-Matt Milanes

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  1. There's already a great Walking Dead podcast called DEAD Talks. Back to the drawing board...