Friday, November 15, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Amazing X-Men #1

Amazing X-Men #1
written by: Jason Aaron
art by: Ed McGuinness


Actually this issue was pretty good. I wasn't too enthused about any of the books I read this week. Amazing X-Men happened to stand out just a bit more than the other books.

Nightcrawler has returned after being killed off all that time ago. Now, I'm not familiar with all of the continuity. I haven't read every single issue of every X-Men title ever so I had no clue he was dead, how he died or why he died. But Nightcrawler is back.

This issue sets up the story as to how Nightcrawler will make his return. The Bamfs seemed to be multiplying like crazy. Beast is taking it upon himself to find out where the little fellas are coming from. The Bamfs had constructed a portal. Beast and the other X-Men are trying to shut the thing down because who knows what will pop out of it but they can't turn it off which is weird and alarming for the X-Men. Something does come flying out of the portal and they are Red Bamfs. They are really vicious little things. The biggest vice of the Blue Bamfs is stealing Logan's whiskey. The Red Bamfs are out to kill.

The Red Bamfs seem to come from Azazel, whom Nightcrawler will be coming face to face with on this giant pirate ship that has found it's way to his little paradise in the afterlife.

There's also a new teacher at the Jean Grey School. She steps on some toes a bit as she and another of the teachers both have an eye for Bobby.

I really liked the art in this issue. The coloring was bright and fun. There was quite a bit of the X-Men standing around and talking but the conversation didn't feel like it was one voice coming out of several different mouths. It didn't feel forced. It makes the conversation feel less contrived when they all have different things they're focused on, too. Who am I kidding. I, also, thought the Red Bamfs were pretty cute, even though they were murderous. They remind me of the little hell boys who met Hellboy when he went to hell in Itty Bitty Hellboy #3: Hellboy in hell, boy. Heheheh.

Good story. Great art. It's nice how in this "first" issue the characters are labeled so you can keep track of who's speaking since there are so many of them.


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