Sunday, November 24, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Animal Man #25

Animal Man #25
written by Jeff Lemire
art by Rafael Albuquerque

This issue was fantastic. I love the art. Rafael Albuquerque's work fits so well with darker themes. The heaviness and energy of the lines makes the characters look beautiful and violent.

The plot continues with the Brotherhood of Blood making a scene at that famous award ceremony in which Buddy Baker is nominated for Best Actor for his role in Tights. There's not a lot happening with Maxine, Buddy's daughter, and her part of the story. She's just trying to lay low for the moment. She does notice the storm and the rain which will foreshadow the struggles to come.

Buddy and his wife, Ellen, are determined to find Maxine. Ellen's character is a little all over the place. Over the course of the series, she's all for the family and Buddy's business, then she hates Buddy and the family is starting to fall apart, but now she wants to stick it out and work together with Buddy. I think what catches my eye in all this is how passionate Ellen can be. She needs that intensity in order to be with a man who can conjure all these different animal instincts, too.

He and Ellen have snuck into the ceremony in order to save the hostages inside. Buddy confronts the Brotherhood, curious as to how their plan has unfolded. Everything is staged though so that the world will see that great power comes after death if the people just join their little cult.

I loved the scenes with Animal Man using his animal powers. There are still questions as to Brother Blood's end game and that makes the story very intriguing. Part of me thinks Cliff is really gone now and there's no hope for saving his soul. Another part of me thinks he might yet come back amidst the souls Brother Blood has collected. I can imagine that the rain of blood that has started to develop will soon turn into a flood.

This is a great story and a great issue.

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