Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Scarlet Spider #23

Written By Chris Yost &Erik Burnham
Art By David Baldeon
Colors By Chris Sotomayor

Well right off the bat let me say that this will totally be a straight forward review of Scarlet Spider #23. Why, you might ask? Because Kaine and the real deal Scarlet Spider were my favorites as a little kid growing up in the 1990’s. So I have nothing bad to say here. It was a great blast from the past here.

Giving you, dear reader, a little bit of back story here for people who were born in 1992. Kaine is the goofy long-haired very first rejected clone of Spider-Man. (See the 1970’s Clone saga.)
Being twisted and evil he decided to get all decked out in a life saving suit that looked like something he stole from the Blue Man Group. Also he hated my hero and yours, Ben Reilly. For Shame, Kaine. Don’t hate.

He also killed Kraven the Hunter and his screw up son the Grimm Hunter. The extra M is for uhmm, something. Kaine also killed Doc Ock, but if you’ve been reading Superior Spider-Man you know Doc Ock got better. Well Kraven is back from the dead and he wants to go back the land of the dead but he can only die at Kaine's hand. So while Kaine has been making a name for himself as a superhero in the city of Houston as the Scarlet Spider, Kraven has been stalking him for months.

Kaine is beaten up and awakes in a graveyard with all his homeboys and home girls from Houston tied up and in danger. They included Officer Wally Layton, his BFF and lover Donald Meland, Aracely, the young girl he rescued back in Scarlet Spider #1 and Annabelle Adams, Kaine’s love interest. Think Lois Lane but with pink hair.

Great artwork by David Baldeon here. It’s a fluid art with a hint of a cartoony feel to it. Which is good. Hey, if it was too cartoony I’d be talking so much crap. Wait, whom I kidding? They could throw the Scarlet Spider into space with Captain Kirk and charge me $7.99 and I’d still buy it. But moving on with this review Kaine and Kraven fight. Kraven is hellbent on having Kaine kill him again.

Kaine tries to prove that he isn’t a stone cold killer anymore and tells Kraven that he’s changed. So Kraven’s daughter Anna slashes Donald Meland right in the stomach causing his guts to come falling out.  Kaine gets upset (as we all would) and jabs Kraven right in the heart causing him to fall to his knees and die. Kaine realizes that being alive would be a curse for Kraven, so Kaine pumps his heart until he comes back to life. With Donald bleeding (cool) out Kaine takes him to the hospital.

We don’t know if Donald will make it out of this one alive. Also everyone is kind of upset that Kaine let this happen. Kraven is pissed he’s still alive. It’s safe to say that things are bad all around. This was fun to read and my heart went out to Kaine. At least he still has that awesome suit. With this book coming to an end soon I’m excited to see how this all ends for the Scarlet Spider 2.0.

-Tash Moore

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