Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Thor God of Thunder #15

Written By Jason Aaron
Art By Ron Garney
Colors By Ive Svorcina

Hey gang, I’m back and yes it is I who has the pick of the week. I’m running with the Thor theme this week with Thor God of Thunder #15 from the good ol’ Marvel bullpen. If you haven’t noticed that Thor The Dark World is out, (and shame on you if you haven’t see it yet.) this issue has the main bad guy from said film taking center stage.

Malekith is free and killing Dark Elves because he thinks they’ve gone soft without him around. I think I’d have to agree with Malekith, but somehow I can’t condone him running around and killing them. Nor can the God of Thunder, Thor. So Thor is the leader of a rag tag group of heroes from the nine realms tasked to stop Malekith. The group is pretty much not getting along. Whom I kidding? They totally aren't getting along.

After the in-fighting causes Malekith to slip away Thor decides that he knows what his team needs. Beer, booze, hooch or ale. And lots of it. Thor takes the whole team out for drinks. They get super drunk and stop the search for Malekith. Thor even starts hitting on and making out with the Dark Elf that had her hand cut off last issue by Malekith. Drunk Thor is smooth and doesn’t come off all James Bond-ish. You know what I mean, not forcing himself on women. Don’t believe me? Go watch Goldfinger and tell me Bond ain’t a jerk. Wait what was I talking about?

Thor takes the team for drinks to get them to gel. I totally get what Thor was going for but after reading this I’m beginning to think Thor might have a drinking problem. It’d be great if the next issue has Thor’s group throwing him an intervention. It’ll be awesome, and alcohol filled knowing Thor.

Drunk Thor and crew get the scent of Malekith and venture to Jotunheim. They think they’ve got Malekith and his followers cornered but Malekith has the frost giants on his side. Looks like a big battle is brewing for the next issue. It was pretty cool to see Thor get everyone to get on the same page using booze. But to be fair he does this often. Hell, Loki is only evil because Thor probably keeps spiking his drink and making him an ass. Some people when drunk act like jerks. This clearly explains the REAL origin of Loki.

All in all great story per usual from Jason Aaron. I like that Ron Garney stepped in to lend a hand on art chores. I’ve been a big fan since he drew a few issues of Amazing Spider-Man back in my youth. Fun stuff with booze. Until my next pick, go read Thor and knock a few back. But not too many that your enchanted steeds can’t be steered back to Asgard. (Earth).

-Tash Moore

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  1. This was a great issue and a fun review to read. You make an interesting point about Thor and his drinking. It was something done for the team but it also felt a bit like escapism for Thor.