Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #317

Written by: Dave Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

    Venom's back and he knows where the alter ego of Spider-Man, Peter Parker, lives. Unfortuneatly, Peter doesn't know that Venom knows and it makes for a nice good surprise when Eddie Brock shows up at Aunt May's boarding home. He asks to have a moment alone with Peter, forcing Pete to not be with Aunt May. During their talk, Eddie lays out some ground rules. He wants to meet up with Spider-Man later the next day and he only wants to meet Spider-Man. No help, no other heroes. As long as Peter follows those rules, Eddie won't tell people who Spider-Man is and there won't be no competition to who gets to Pete's family first. Seems like a simple thing to follow, if Peter cared about rules. First thing he does is head over to recruit some help from a longtime orange friend of his.

    The Thing agrees to help out and tells Pete he'll be gathering the rest of the team together. All seems like its going to go according to plan, until Pete comes home and finds Eddie hanging laundry out to dry in the back with Aunt May! Peter nearly flips and pulls Eddie off to the side of the house to let him have it, telling him to keep May out of this. Whatever problems Eddie's got is between him and Peter, and Eddie fully agrees. Between them...and NOT the Fantastic Four. Remember folks, the symbiote doesn't trigger Spider-Man's Spider-Sense and he had no way of knowing that Venom was trailing him, spying on him. Eddie changes the location and gives Peter a final warning to go alone or else nasty things will start happening to the people he loves, then leaves.

    Peter heads inside to talk to his wife Mary Jane Watson Parker. He tells her the entire idea and she wants him to throw that secrecy garbage out the window. She begs him to get help, and he promises her that, knowing he won't be able to keep it. He doesn't get any physical help, but he does get some help, so he didn't fully lie to MJ. He stops into see an old friend of his, Dr. Charles Jefferson, and Spidey asks some questions about symbiotic substances. The next morning, Spider-Man shows up and the fight starts instantly. Venom catches him by surprise and smashes Spider-Man through a wall. The fight doesn't last long, with Venom leading it almost the entire time. Dragging Spidey through the sand on the beach, smashing him left and right, anything you can think of. Peter eventually tries to scare the symbiote off with fire, which normally works, but when a fire arises, Venom escapes into some nearby water. Not even Spider Tracers work against Venom, he can feel when they land on his shoulder. Spider-Man has to resort to his final trick, surrender. He offers himself up to the symbiote, if it wants him, it can come get him, and the symbiote actually tries to do it! The sheer shock of the symbiote leaving Eddie after it had already been bonded so long caused it to almost die. It hurt the symbiote to leave Eddie because he'd been bonded so long but it didn't care. The symbiote wanted to become one with Peter again. Leaving Venom on the beach, Spider-Man calls the authorities to package him up and ship him off to prison again.

    This was a very interesting issue. A bit of a slow start, and the ending was very fast paced. It didn't even really have a closing to it. The fight ended and that was the end of the issue. All we're left with is a teaser for the Scorpion in the next issue! Be back in a week when we bring you the battle of the creepy crawleys!

-Matt Milanes

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