Sunday, December 1, 2013

Comics Review: Mighty Thor #203

Written By Gerry Conway
Pencils By John Buscema
Inks By Vince Colletta

Hey readers, I’m back and can get on with this Mighty issue of Thor. You see what I just did there? No? Well, screw you then! Oh, I kid. Or do I? Enough with the nonsense and on with the review. Thor is trapped under a huge pile of rocks while Ego Prime stands around and looks at all the evil he has done and smiles. You know, Ego Prime is just like a damn Bond villain. “I have you trapped Mr. Thor! Now I shall walk away without seeing you meet your end. Bwhahah.” Then when Thor shows up to continue swinging that hammer of his, Ego Prime is all “D’oh!”

If you want to know how Thor got out go buy this damn issue for yourself. Ok he gets out by a plot device that no longer is in play. You see kids back in the day when Thor didn’t have his hammer for more than sixty seconds he’d revert back to his mortal form of Dr. Donald Blake. I really feel that current writers are missing out on using Dr. Blake but what can I do? I’m just one man.

So Thor is under the rocks stuck. Then one minute goes by. Then he turns mortal. The blast from when he changes form blows the pile of rocks away. This allows Dr. Blake to grab his cane and strike it causing him to turn back into Thor. Got all that? Thor goes back to all the fussing and feuding with Ego Prime.

Odin is back on Asgard playing with his chess pieces when Karnilla breaks in and wants him to save Balder the Brave’s life. Odin reveals his plan to Karnilla and the reader. He has known about Ego Prime long before Mangog or any other problem. So he has sent Heimdall to Earth to locate three humans. Those three humans show up and get hit with a blast from Ego Prime. Somehow killing Ego Prime and turning the three human into GODS!!!!! So that’s how that works? Huh? Who knew?

The day is saved and Thor is all boo hoo. Thor’s like, “ Daddy, how could you place me in jeopardy (not the show) just to create some new gods?”  Odin then responds with a, “Yo, new gods (not the DC ones) come kick it with me, my damn son is a wiener kid!” It happened just like that. Or not. The new gods go see Odin and Thor gets mad because he feels like Odin ain’t got no love for him.

Great art as always. What a goofy ass way to end a story but hey it sure was entertaining. So I’ll be back soon to see how Thor goes about his problems with his dear old daddy. I hope Odin doesn’t try to put Thor over his knee. Man, that would be funny. Until then Make Mine (overpriced) Marvel.

-Tash Moore

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