Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Comics Review: Mighty Thor #204

Written By Gerry Conway
Pencils By John Buscema
Inks By Jim Mooney

         I'll admit that I wasn't a big fan of the story that was running through the pages of this book during my last few reviews. I mean it was pretty much just one goofy space opera. But it did have tons of awesome action by "Big" John Buscema, so that's they only real saving grace. But this issue picks up on earth and Odin is chewing out Thor,Sif, The Warriors Three and everyone from the space opera, Mangog run. Thor is upset that Odin didn't let him in on his plan to create those new gods. Odin in turns Banishes his whole crew to earth as punishment. Everything goes back to the way it was and Odin sits on his throne (not his asgardian toilet) and boo hoos Thor being a bad son.

         Y'know, after reading so many of these types of stories it seems like Odin is always screwing up and then takes to blaming Thor as if it's somehow his fault. Take about a crappy dad. I can see Odin now, "Hey, Thor hand me that magic wrench!" Odin drops it to the ground in front of all of Asgard. "You oaf, look at what you did! You made me look bad. I banish you to your room! Bah!" Odin looks to the crowd "Kids,Amirite?"  So Thor and crew is stuck on earth and that's when the good stuff happens. Thor and crew walk on over to Avengers Mansion. I could not stop laughing when there was a shot of Thor sitting in one of the big easy chairs watching a western. It makes me laugh.

        Sif steals of clothes from the wardrobe of the Scarlet Witch and Thor turns into his human form of Dr.Donald Blake and they go for a walk. Strangely and separately, each members of Thor's crew are being drawn by a shadow and taken away. They've been Taken!!! Quick, someone call Liam Neeson. He clearly knows how to deal with this. Dr. Blake and Sif go to where Dr. Blake practices uhmmm, whatever it is he does. He finds his building has been taken over by a new owner and has no records of Blake ever paying his rent. Who knew Thor was also a deadbeat?  Dr. Blake says he'll have all the paper work sent over to work out any problems.

        Blake and Sif are attacked and pulled into a big black hole. Blake turns into Thor and they found the big bad whose been pulling Thor's ragtag group into the shadows. It's none other than Mephisto!  The design of Mephisto is flawless thanks to the art of Big John. Great stuff all around. It's getting back to earth after spending what I felt like was way too much time on Asgard. Be back later this week to see how Thor handles this one. Until then.

-Tash Moore


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