Saturday, December 7, 2013

Comics Review: Savage Wolverine #12

Written and Art by: Phil Jimenez

    A new chapter opens up in the ever so long life of James Howlett, better known to you guys as Logan and even known as Wolverine. He's hanging out on the plains of Mother Africa this time around, monologuing on how he's one with all the beasts of the land. Hanging with some elephants, walking through the trees, this is a new side of Logan for a lot of people to read and a side we're not all that used to seeing. Its a good side of him, and I'm glad to see it, I really like the stories that show that Wolverine can be kind hearted and not JUST a blood lusting killing machine. Although, those stories are great too. 

    His latest adventure brings bad results. While walking through the plains, his senses bring him to a horrific sight, three rhinos laid out on the ground with their horns ripped off. Yeah, seriously, their HORNS...RIPPED...OFF!!! I didn't even know you could DO that to this animal! And the worst part is, one of them is STILL ALIVE! As just an animal lover in general (except spiders...can't stand those), this scene almost makes me sick. Then, with the best timing on the face of the earth, some what look like hunters show up. Logan. having a short temper as is, pissed from the rhinos, now has some guns pointed at him, that never helps either. After slashing some guns and almost some necks, we learn they aren't the poachers. Wolverine then, because he held up these guys, has to be the one to put the only living rhino left down. He speaks to her, apologizes for not keeping her safe, and promises to avenge her and her kin. He then lays her to rest.

    That night at the camp, Logan gets a little insight on the group that's been doing this for a while. They kill animals and either eat the meat, skin them and sell them on the black market, or bring the meats to local markets for heavy prices. A pretty odd range of choices for poachers to make. With the help of Kitty Pryde and Cerebro at the Jean Grey School (story takes place before Battle of the Atom) Logan traces the trade back to Madripoor, and the lady in charge of everything is an old friend of his. A woman named Tyger Tiger. Yeah, not a typo. Her name is Tyger Tiger. Tigre Tigre, for you Spanish speaking folks out there. Logan shows up and convinces her to come with him to some docks in Lowtown, the poorer part of the island. Inside is a disturbing sight, crates upon crates of rhino horns, tiger heads and snake skins everywhere. A truly gruesome scene. Ready to burn all of the product to the ground, Logan finds out, of course, that Tyger Tiger is behind everything. Aaaaaaand cliff hanger.

     Another great issue of this book. I really liked the art of this issue, it wasn't all over the place like that last arc by Jock. The writing was great and hitting close to home for some readers like myself. I'm really enjoying this book though and the grittiness that it's gone to at some points. If there's one thing I had to say I don't like, it's not...Savage enough. I want to see a lot more blood, gore and violence. This seems to me like if the arc isn't a buddy cop film, it's a toned down detective film, I'm trying to see a Sin City kind of story arc, but a boy can only dream. I like how the creative teams switch with every arc and it's not just one set team. It makes it really feel like all these stories are just episodes in the long scattered life of Logan. Well that'll wrap up this week, be back soon for some more great content on the site. Until next week!

-Matt Milanes

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