Monday, December 16, 2013

Comics Review: Talon #13

Written By James Tynion IV
Art By Emanuel Simeoni
Colors By Jeromy Cox

Hey hey, Tash Moore here with the newest (late?) review of Talon #13. Well It’d be the #14th issue if you had to take into account that #0 issue. But DC doesn’t so why the hell should I? Amirite?  Attempting to get back on track here, the live of Talon continues. Emanuel Simeoni continues to provide the artwork in a nice little cross between a Young Terry Dodson and Salvador Larocca (back when he was good). I’m really enjoy the art on said book, but I bet you can already guess that huh?

Great artwork aside, Talon is still looking for Casey’s daughter Sarah. Which is going pretty crappy since we saw her taken away by the Talon’s like what, 6 months ago? Pretty much to say Talon is a good escape artist. Just don’t ask him to swing by to help you find your car keys anytime soon. He might get stuck in the couch. Never to be seen again. That’s right.

Casey deduces that her daughter is probably being held in the Court of Owls old base. Talon thinks that a bad idea seeing as how that’s the first place that anyone would look for them. Talon goes and surprise, surprise that’s where the Court of Owls is indeed taking up as a new hideout. Next time remind me to get this Casey Washington to play the lotto for me. Inside the building Sebastian Clark steals a big gold mask and orders the Super Talon Harmon to kill the other members of the Court. Which he is only too happy to do. Really, this dude only seems to pop a smile is when he’s doing someone in. He may need to see a doctor for that.

So Talon is inside and finds Super Talon and Sebastian Clark. So what do they do, the two Talon’s? They fight. (It’s all they know.) Sebastian has taken control of the big gold Talon mask and he now has control of all the Talons……somehow. Sarah Washington is now brainwashed into wanting to be a member of the court and Talon gets taken down.

But as luck would have it, before Talon is killed Casey and her crew of misfits show up to save him. This couldn’t have work out better if someone had written it that way. Oh. Now it looks like the whole thing will end up as a total donnybrook. But you’ll have to come back for my issue 14 review to find out who lives, who dies, who gets new cybernetic enhancement! Huh? Hey, it’s a DC book, all that crazy crap and happen and most likely will. DC trying to do all it can to get sales up on this book before it gets Static Shocked! (HIYO!) Until next month, gang.

-Tash Moore

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