Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dead Talks #2 (Walking Dead #116)

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

    Here we are again with another episode of Dead Talks, bringing you the inside look on The Walking Dead during the year long event All Out War. You guys should be caught up by now, and if you're not, check out episode 1 on the site. Now let's not waste any more time and get inside this book to see how Rick will handle the big reveal of last issue.

    Rick has received his final warning to turn back, and he even considers it. Turning to Jesus, his mole from the Hilltop, and telling him that he'd understand. Jesus declines, he's got nothing going for him at the Hilltop but a bunch of books, so he stays and fights. Some people though, decide to switch sides. But not as many as Negan would've hoped. Only 8 leave Rick's team...8. Gregory apologizes to Negan, assuring him that there were more people who said they'd leave Rick. This pisses Negan off to the max and he Sparta kicks Gregory off the ledge on the building they're standing on. No seriously, kicks him dead in the chest off a building. DAMN this book is awesome. Rick's offer still stands, and Negan very foul mouthly tells Rick where he can put that plan of his. This is followed up by a sniper bullet blowing up the head of the man standing next to Rick. Now begins the shoot out. Ezekiel's men get into position and aim upward toward the snipers to take out those far eyes. The walkers around the walls are starting to act up and react to the all the noise, but according to Rick, this a good sign and he's sure their plan will work. I wonder what this plan could possibly be that he's so confident in. Rick's men continue to shoot out the windows of the building, and Negan grabs his right hand man, Dwight and tells him to go get more men from the outposts behind them and bring them forward. They need more men up front. Little does Negan know, Dwight has been another mole on the inside for a long time now, and is actually against Negan.

    Negan isn't a dumb man, and we've been shown this a couple times in the last couple issues. He shows it again this time, when he questions what Rick's men are shooting at. There aren't anymore men at the windows but they're still shooting them out. The next two pages are a spread that finally show us just what Rick had in mind. Hundreds of walkers all running toward...the noise of shattering glass. Now that the walkers are coming, Rick orders everyone to pack up the buses and get ready to leave. They'll let the walkers handle the rest of the fight. Rick decides to stay behind and give the walkers a hole to run into. He's going to ram a car straight into their gate, he's going to sacrifice himself. Holly catches wind of this and runs after him, she isn't going to let him get away with that. He needs to stay behind and lead these people, he doesn't get to die a heroes death just yet. Meanwhile, Negan waits inside the factory, fully ready for what's to come. He peacefully asks Dwight if he's got his shitting pants on, because that's what going to happen once those walkers hit the factory. Holly catches up to Rick and let's her knee talk to his stomach for a second, as she enters a car and speeds off to do the deed Rick was trying to do.

    Holly is able to ram a car straight to the wall of the factory when the car gives out and won't drive anymore. She crawls out, broken and beaten and a walker comes right up to her head. That walker gets its head caved in though, but by Negan. He's standing over Holly and asks her if she thought he'd let her get off that easy? Looks like he's got some plans for her later on if they survive this attack. Rick's group regroups...heh...and Michonne was told Rick stayed. As she freaks out, Jesus notices Rick standing on a nearby hill. Very majestic looking, very heroic. As the group calms down from their celebration, he tells them this actually isn't a time for celebration, that the war has only just begun.

    This concludes another great issue of The Walking Dead, All Out War part 2 of 12. This issue was very intense, especially because of Rick's plan that finally came to fruition, using these dreaded walkers to his advantage. Its great to see this untouchable bad guy finally being beat. There's still a long way to go, and its not going to be easy for Rick to win this war. By no means do I think he's beat Negan yet, and I can't wait to see what he's going to do to get out of this attack, and what he's going to do to counter Rick for this onslaught. Be back in one month when the next issue of The Walking Dead comes out and we explore the next chapter in this horrific tale of zombies that never ends.

-Matt Milanes

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