Friday, December 20, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Batgirl #26

Batgirl #26
written by Gail Simone
art by Fernando Pasarin and Jonathan Glapion

This issue was a really good read. What made this so good was the strong storytelling. The ending was cliche but the sentiment and the emotion that came from the scene with Barbara and her father made up for all of that.

Some of Knightfall's gang have tracked Jim Gordon to his residence and they are out to spill his blood. Batgirl comes across this and despite her having issues of her own with her father, she's not going to let these fools kill her dad.

If you haven't kept up with issues of Batgirl, basically the issue between Batgirl and her father are that she killed her brother and her father killed the guy Barbara was dating.

In this situation, Batgirl and her dad (though he still doesn't know that Batgirl is his daughter) are forced to work together. I really dislike Knightfall and her gang. These guys seem too "invincible." There's no one tough enough to counter them. Batgirl and her father barely match them in combat. They just seem so above the law and guarded from convictions because of Knightfall's public relations. They have to go and with all of the trouble they've caused for how many issues, I hope they go out with a bang.

So my favorite moment in this issue was when Batgirl is faced alone with Gordon. They have a moment where Batgirl wants to reveal her identity to him. Gordon doesn't want to know who she is at all. Who's to say that telling him her secret would help their relationship? It could tear them apart even more and it's logical considering, as Batgirl or not, it was still Barbara who shot her own brother. It's an emotional scene done well by Gordon's turn of the shoulder and Batgirl standing there with her mask off. And what's really striking is the way that this issue is between Gordon and Batgirl and not Gordon and Barbara. The two people are one but not in Gordon's mind so it's all so complicated.

I'm not going to spoil the ending. You have to pick up the comic yourself if you want to find out the twist at the end. All I will say is that it is a common plot twist. I feel like "Knightfall" is dealing with the devil and I hope she gets her comeuppance. The artwork is solid. I love the covers for these past few issues even more. Beautifully rendered.


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