Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Batman & Two Face #26

Written By Peter J. Tomasi
Pencils By Patrick Gleason
Inks By Mick Gray & Keith Champagne
Colors By John Kalisz

Tash Moore here on this Christmas Day with my pick of the week. It’s Batman and Two Face #26. I don’t really care for the holidays so I’m here with this review. So sit back and open that giant bag of coal you got from the big man(Bruce Wayne?) and relax. Normally I’d have something snaky to say here but you can’t. It’s a damn Batman book by Tomasi and Gleason. Nothing bad can be said. We get the story of the New 52 Two Face of how the twin Irish sisters Shannon and Erin killed his wife and messed his face up.

Erin is taken into GCPD custody when she returns to Gotham to take care of some crime business. Hopefully she’ll totally be able to get a tax write off from Uncle Sam for the trip. Of all people, Matches Malone aka I’m not really Bruce Wayne because “I have a mustasche” gets her out of Blackgate prison.  While she’s tied up while Bruce eats lobster (no, really!) Erin goes on how she and her sister knew him as a kid from some fancy boarding school.

Some cool flashbacks are show of Erin and Shannon getting busted by newly elected Gotham D.A. Harvey Dent. It seems like Harvey threw them under the bus and they want revenge. Shannon clearly is the more level headed of the group.  You also kind of have to laugh at Harvey Dent here for a bit folks. He takes down these two sister then sends them to jail for twenty years and then wonders why they want to kill him. It’s things like this (his smug attitude) that makes you almost want to root against him.

Erin and her sister draw straws and Shannon losses. Not only the draw but her life. Shannon hangs herself and Erin switches place with her dead body. Wow, that was very elaborate. I think there might have been a better way to get out of jail. I like to think someone from their family could have just bought them a cake with a giant file baked right into the middle. Clearly that only works on cartoons. Clearly.

Erin’s Cousin picks her up from Stately Wayne Manor. He then in turns sells her out to Two Face. At Two Faces wife’s grave. It’s hard to root for and against Erin or Two Face. They both have blood on their hands but they both a in a way victims of circumstance. But Batman shows up when the shooting starts. It is HIS book. Things go down hit as Batman is shot and falls into an empty grave meant for Erin dug by Two Face.

Great storyline going here. I wonder what the ending will be. It’s been sometime since I read a Batman comic that was easy to follow and action packed. We all know Batman and Two Face make it out, but will be the final fate of Erin and her super snitch cousin. Until next time, be good and pass the Egg Nog.

-Tash Moore

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