Friday, December 13, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Green Arrow #26

Written By Jeff Lemire
Art By Andrea Sorrentino
Colors By Carcelo Maiolo

Tash Moore here to give you guys my pick of the week. As I said on the last episode of the Verbal Mosh I was going with Green Arrow #26. Written by (surprise, surprise) Jeff Lemire. I went with this comic book because the art and the writing. (Duh!) In this issue Green Arrow is getting back to full strength after his battle with Count Vertigo (Not Dr. Doom or the DC Imprint.) Now He and Shado, the woman who was being held by Count Vertigo and GA’s Dad’s former lover (that’s a mouthful.) go looking for the arrow totem.

So where do they go? Back to the island that Green Arrow was stuck on for so many years. I like Lemire’s writing with the flashbacks. He Green Arrow going back and forth about how when he first got to the island he was just a rich white playboy. Kind of like Bruce Wayne. But not as good looking or without the butler.  So Green Arrow’s all like “A boy entered the island and a man came back.” Yeah, a man who still can’t pay his own bills. I guess when can cut GA some slack. While on the island, he had to home his skills so he could do great things. Like kill a boar for food and hook up a boxing glove to an arrow. Truly things every good hero should know.

Shado and Green Arrow find the Arrow Totem hidden in a cave and Green Arrow lets out a “That was easy.” Back in the real world (that isn’t the island) Lacroix, who was Green Arrows dad’s BFF is now a member of the Outsiders. He and the Outsiders now want the Arrow Totem for their own evil deeds. So now the bad ass looking Shield Clan has taken a giant group of bad guys to storm the island and kill our hero. I don’t think they’ll win. But I’m sure someone will be killed off. Just a hunch. Great story with the outsiders and Green Arrow. For once GA isn’t just a goofy ass Batman rip off. I personally never got behind the Arrowcar and I wished Speedy really did off himself from the overdose. But Lemire and Co. have done a great job creating a new Green Arrow mythos from scratch.

-Tash Moore

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