Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Comics Review: Cable & X-Force #18

Written by: Dennis Hopeless
Art by: Angel Unzueta

Yet again I've put myself in a predicament where I'm looking at my week of books and thinking "Wow this is all I've got?" And yes, as I'm sure you can tell y my choice this week, I've picked out the absolute top notch books to read this week. Sigh, when's Peter coming back? *cough cough March cough cough* Ok enough of that, let's get back to business!

In the absolute shortest of words, everything in Cable's life has been totally and completely #&@%'ed these last couple months. His head has been stabbed, his powers have been taken and given and taken, his team almost all died in one issue, but at least his baby girl Hope is back. The reason for most of his stress and the cause of a lot of problems over the years, one if them being Bishop. For those of you who don't know, Bishop is another time traveling mutant who was hellbent on killing Hope, claiming that would, in fact, save the mutant race instead of keeping her alive. And as you can see by this cover, Cable isn't too thrilled about Bishop being back around. So let's open up this book and see what happens!

This issue wastes no time getting to business, Hope's having nightmares about Bishop so she decides to get up for a late night snack. She finds Boom Boom in her room who can't sleep either, so she's dancing around and watching some of Cable's premonitions. One is his evil twin brother, Stryfe, and another that stops Hope dead in her tracks. It's a picture of Bishop. For those of you who don't read Uncanny X-Force (don't worry, neither do I) Bishop is now part of the team. Bad guy who got his mind wiped and now is good. Hoorah! Well naturally, because of comic book logic, Hope doesn't know he's sorta good now, so she heads straight for the armory room and loads up as many guns as she can hold. Sadly, she needs to take out Boom to make sure she doesn't tell Cable. It's not much of a head start, but it's something.

Meanwhile, over in LA, the X-Force are taking a well deserves break from fighting evil, and putting on their gloves to fight each other. A moral question comes into play, Bishop knew that his past was tainted, but did that give the team a right to wipe his memory of it? I'll leave that up to you guys to decide on that one. Bishop isn't thinking too much on it, since he's made his decision, and storms outside (heheh no pun intended) and gets totally ambushed by Hope and her makeshift arsenal!!! Psylocke catches on and before the team can act, Stryfe arrives on the scene of the scene of the fight. I guess all of Cables dreams are coming to life tonight, ain't that awesome? He's got Hope and Bishop trapped just as Cable shows up with a bunch of guns of his own. He wants to stop Hope from becoming a monster and killing Bishop, but he has no intention on letting him live. Stryfe blinks out, taking Hope and Bishop with him, just before Cable can do anything. And to make matters worse, the X-Force just arrived. Bishops gone...and Cable is left. Guess that means it's Cable's fault, and the X-Force don't look like they're willing to accept any other answers!

This book has been on and off for me. I really wanted this book to be something incredible and honestly, it wasn't for a while. I bought it out of dedication to Cable honestly. This issue however brought that back for me. This issue had a very 90's feel to it. I guess it's all the older characters. Anyway, the writing was great, as it usually is by Hopeless, and the art was fantastic. Always a good way to rope the readers in, good art. I won't be buying the other tie ins to this crossover, but I am excited to see where this leads. I'm hoping this goes into a deep void of time and space, but that's just me. A boy can only dream. Until next week readers!!!

Matt Milanes

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