Saturday, January 25, 2014

Comics Review: Inhumanity: Spider-Man #1

Written by: Christos Gage
Art by: Stephanie Hans

    This was a book I definitely didn't have plans on buying. I haven't been too satisfied with the last couple of Marvel's "event" books (Infinity and Age of Ultron) and spinning out of Infinity was this big hype on the return of the Inhumans. Inhumans this, Inhumans that, Inhumanity! Well I'm not sold. But I walked into my local comic shop in a bit of a rush last week and as I skimmed my books before purchasing I saw this title, and as you guys know me for being a sucker for covers, this one really stood out to me. On the front is Spider-Man, my all time favorite super hero, and a real life true hero of New York, a member of the Fire Department. They almost look like they're floating, and in between them is what looks like a child, bound at the feet by Spidey's webs. Behind them is an angel, at least a statue of one. The kind you'd find sculpted on an old church. A lot is going on this cover, so even though its an Inhumanity tie-in, I knew I had to buy it. I was transfixed from the get. So let's not waste anymore time and get right into the swing of things. See what I did there?

    Very rarely do we see comics open up with big intricate pieces of artwork. Normally a big piece is saved for the midpoint of a book, or the big plot twist reveal of the end, but this book flips that on its side and gives you a splash page on the first two pages of the book. There's destruction and chaos everywhere, Attilan has blown up and fallen into the Hudson River, with pieces of the city falling into New York City. There's alien tech everywhere, and Spider-Man (Still Otto Octavius) isn't wasting any time in taking some to study for himself. After taking one piece, Spidey helps out a fire fighter nearby and they end up at an apartment building where there's been some kind of a break in. Two residents in the building apparently have taken some of this fallen Inhuman technology for themselves, and its weakening everyone else in the building. Spider-Man walks up to the door to investigate and gets a huge fist in the face. The male tenant of the apartment has used this tech to make himself into a half mech dude guy thing. Fight rages on, property damage, Superman would be proud. In the end of this tale, we learn why this man stole the Inhuman tech, but I'm not going to spoil that for you guys, you'll just have to run out and buy the comic for yourselves!

    The moral of this story was actually quite touching. It was definitely something I didn't expect. To be honest, I wasn't sure really what to expect from this book. Being a tie-in for a series I wasn't reading, and the first half of the story seemed like it was going to be one of those "day in the life of a super hero as ______ goes on" which, I'm not going to lie, suck. They're a cheap way to get you to buy extra books, but that's not why we're here today. I guess, my last sentence is sort of invalid, seeing I actually enjoyed this cheap way to get me to buy an extra book. Its not a bad thing to take a chance sometimes on these books, there's some great stories waiting to be told out there. The art on this book was fantastic as well, I really like this style of art, its a hard style to explain, but its a very realistic looking style of art, and the colors look like they were done with pastels or something. Not only was the art great, but the writing was amazing as well, I can't think of a Spidey story written by Christos Gage that I didn't like. He's one of my top choices to take over writing Spider-Man full time in the future, but we all know that's a joke because Dan Slott is never going to leave this book......ever......ever. Anywho, that'll wrap up this review on this book, so if this sparked any interest, go give it a shot! Until next week!

-Matt Milanes

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