Thursday, January 2, 2014

Comics Review: Mighty Thor #205

Written By Gerry Conway
Pencils By John Buscema
Inks By Vinnie Colletta

It’s a mad mad world and it’s all Thor’s fault. Thor is still trapped in the realm of Mephisto and things don’t look good. I was really excited to read this issue because it’s got a rare early appearance of Mephisto before Marvel really ran the character into the ground (One more day). Throw in that the story is awesomely drawn by Big John Buscema and you’ve got a sure fire winner here.

Thor and crew have been captured by Mephisto in his little corner of Hell. Big Mep tells Thor that he’s got all his pals under his control and he’s got to fight them in order to get out alive. Being a good guy Thor doesn’t like this at all. So he tell Mephisto that he won’t fight. Using his mind control (most likely learned from Haiti) he makes Sif and the Warriors Three attack Thor. Thor still doesn’t want to fight them and uses his hammer to safely send them to an area of hell and puts rocks around them to keep from injuring themselves. Man, is there anything that Thor’s hammer can’t do? The things like the Sword of Omens from Thundercats. It does everything but cut someone. I laugh when I think of Thor holding his hammer on his head yelling “Ho!!!”while Mephisto runs away a la Mumm Ra. What was I taking about again?

Since Thor won’t fight his friends (and who goober would?) Mephisto calls Hitler, yes Hitler and a bunch of bad guys from all over history to fight Thor. Memphisto then pulls the Bond villain move and walks away while the fight is in progress. Clearly content that his evil group led by Hitler and Black Beard the pirate will get the job done. Speaking of Black Beard, didn’t they explain that in the Marvel U Black Beard is just a time traveling Ben Grimm aka The Thing of the Fantastic Four? Way to keep the continuity going house of (stolen) ideas.

Thor fights his way past Hitler and his rag tag group of bad guy which takes hours. Thor burst into Mephisto’s den and tries to kick his ass. Mephisto burns Thor then tells him that Thor ruined his plan to take over the earth. Seems Mephisto can’t take over the Earth until he can corrupt the most noble dude on the planet. Turns out that that’s Thor! Who’d have thunk it. For good measure Thor throws Mephisto into some lava then uses his hammer to get out of dodge along with his pals. Mephisto is beaten but not dead and vow’s to return. Thor then vow’s to grab a beer. Or not.

Well this was a really fun issue. Thor fought Mephisto and Hitler and came out on top. I mean what more could you really want from this. As long as they don’t try to throw any more space nonsense at me I’ll be fine with the rest of Bronze Age Thor. Thumbs up.

-Tash Moore

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