Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Comics Review: Talon #14

Written By James Tynion IV
Art By Emanuel Simeoni
Colors By Jeromy Cox

It’s the end of the run for Talon. I wont’ be going over this book any more as it’ll be replaced by Green Lantern in the next few weeks. I’ve decided to drop this book and it’s nice to see that the writer is also wrapping up his run on this title. Good news for everyone. But as they say, every beginning has an ending and vice versa, so away we go. Talon is still fighting for his life at the top of the Orchard Hotel in Gotham. With the Super Talon causing all types of trouble things seems bleak for our hero.

Sebastian Clark is there and he’s put a new formula into Calvin Rose to make him a Talon. Turns out it’s killing him slowly and taking away his healing factor. Who does this guy think he is? Wolverine? With Calvin near death the only thing on his mind is fighting to save Casey Washington’s daughter, Sarah. Who’s been brainwashed into wanting to join the Court Of Owls.

During the battle, Casey uses her new super bionic arm to blast apart the Super Talon, Felix Harmon. But he just keeps on regenerating. Again what is this? A marvel comic? Jeez. One of the Talons look to speed up Calvin Rose’s death and slits his throat. While bleeding (not cool) Casey uses her laser on her Bionic arm to seal the cut. If only the U.S. Army had this thing. It would save more lives. Clearly.

Sebastian is now on top of the Hotel screaming about how he’s won everything. Good for him. I too, when I’ve won anything go to the highest rooftop and shout out my victory. “I JUST SAVED A BUNCH OF MONEY BY SWITCHING TO GEICO!! REVENGE IS MINE!!”  Even thought he’s the star of this book Talon fails. But guess who saves the day? That’s right Batman! The more I think of it Batman sure does like stealing people’s thunder. So what if it’s not his book. He’ll still get the credit! Jerkman is more like it.

The end comes when Sebastian Clark is left out high and dry to go to jail (Don’t drop the soap.) Talon dies and is saved by who, You guessed it. Batman! Is there anything he can’t do? After being awaken from his dead guy coma he see’s that Casey’s father’s company has been purchased by Wayne Industries. Super Talon is being held in a room at absoulte zero and Talon gets drafted into Batman INC. Wait what?!? Didn’t Batman get rid of that? I don’t know. I’m so very confused about this book. Much like it’s editor.

I have thought of Dan Didio throwing crap to the wall, seeing what sticks and what slides off. Anyway the art was really good. I hope this Emanuel Simeoni gets more work for the DCnU. It’s pretty good stuff to be honest. I’m glad this story had a beginning and then a finite ending, instead of trying to run it for five years. Good, not great. Does better I think once it get collect. That’s it for Talon. But I’m sure you’ll see him down the line. Snyder and Capullo need them checks, son!

-Tash Moore

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