Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Comics Review: Walking Dead #117

Welcome back everyone! Back from a long much needed holiday break. Hope everyone had a safe and pleasant ChrismaHanuhKwanzikah and a happy new year. So what way to bring in these next 12 months of joy in than with some hell and Walking Dead? I can think of at least 4 other ways, but we may have kids reading so we'll just stick to the comics.

Holly has taken place of Rick and sacrificed herself to plow a car through Negan's walls, giving the walkers a hole to flood in and attack the factory. There's just one problem, Holly didn't die, and Negan's caught up with her and got her inside. She may just be safer outside with the walkers. Megan believes that this is Rick's woman. I mean, why else would she sacrifice herself in his place if she didn't love him? He thinks by killing Holly, Rick will crack. She even tells him that she's not his woman, giving the real reason why she did it. Because she hates them for killing Abraham, the man she actually WAS with, but Negan don't buy it. All seems calm at Rick's camp. Shiva is munching on some walkers while Michonne and Ezekiel keep some stragglers away. A quick pep talk from their leader, and everyone in the group is feeling a little better about the situation, despite the fear.

Over at Negan's camp, things aren't going so smoothly. Every couple hours, Negan leads a small group outside the walls to thin out the heard of walkers. They can't stay out there too long though, there's a lot more coming. The stress is getting to everyone, Negan releases his with some relieving cursing, others have some darker methods. The guard that's supposed to be watching Holly steps in for a chat. I'm sure you all know where this is going. Just as the deed is about to be done, Negan steps in completely pissed. Negan's answer to this? Cuts the man clean in the throat. With his dying pooch body right next to a tied up Holly, Negan apologizes that she had to see that, he wants to make sure she doesn't think they're monsters or anything.

What an incredible issue. Even after losing his cool and thinking he may die soon, Negan still manages to put on that "under control" mask for others to see. Creepy ass dude, and I'm excited to see what finally happens to him. Be back soon for another installment of Dead Talks and keep checking back on the site for some kick ass content. Until next week!

Matt Milanes

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