Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Comics Review: Walking Dead # 118

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

The stakes are high, hostages have been taken and no one is safe, even if they're on your side of the fight. We last left this comic with Rick's group having a plan to take out all of Negan's outposts individually while Negan's main outpost of overrun with walkers. Negan doesn't have much time to escape, but hasn't done much to help himself. Its not looking too good for the bad guys here, but there's still a lot of story left. A small group returns to the hilltop community where Maggie is staying, and they fill the group in on what's been going on. Maggie isn't too thrilled, as she knew nothing about the plan. Rick was keeping this a secret from a lot of people, and its not rubbing them the right way. Maggie gets even more mad when someone from the returning group tries to convince everyone to give in and just side with Negan, calling him a reasonable man. For those of you who don't remember, or those who haven't read it ***MAJOR SPOILERS***
Negan crushed Glen's head in with Lucille a while back. She makes her case and stands up in front of the entire group claiming her trust for Rick Grimes.

    Back at Rick's town, Michonne returns, and Carl's worried about Rick. She assures him that Rick is fine, he's just still working, and working he is. Rick and his group are successfully taking out outposts, losing a couple people on the way, but getting the job done. The next part of the story is told following Ezekiel. During a firefight, he gets separated from the group. He finds himself in the woods, surrounded by walkers and right when it looks like he's gonna bite the bullet, Shiva comes to his rescue. This powerful, pissed off tiger makes quick work of the walkers about to eat Ezekiel, when she herself gets surrounded. He calls out to her, but she doesn't come, she stays fighting the walkers. There was no other way to help Ezekiel, there was no other way to help him survive. Rick's team loses their first heavy hitting player in this All Out War.

    This was an emotional issue. First there was the big Maggie moment, which was shown with a simple splash page, giving the reader that sense of security and joy, and then it all goes downhill knowing his side lost someone. This character's death I'm sure hits hard for any reader, since humans always feel more sympathetic towards animals. Shiva was a secret weapon for Rick's team, and now they'll have to think long and hard on how to replace her with something that has equal power to help their cause. Until next time readers!

-Matt Milanes

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