Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Reboots & Relaunches Jan. 2014

Reboots and Relauches #2

    Yet again with 2013 over I can totally start raging on 2014. Tash Moore and I’m going to be adding my cheap thoughts (no refunds) about what’s going on in the comic book industry. Lots of “news” and so on. We here at The Verbal Mosh want you to be (somewhat) informed. So without further ado...

Gal Gadot responded to the Internet on her being way too bony to play Wonder Woman.
First off, never ever read the comments. Ever. She also said something about amazons only having one boob. Geez, I can already seeing people take to the net to tear her down over that as well. Hopefully, Zack (no relation to Scott) Snyder isn’t’ paying attention to this all pulls off a Bryan Singer-esque move and really make Wonder Woman have one boob. The brass at DC and Warner have screwed up films before (Green Lantern) so I would not be surprised. But she did say she’d bulk up for the role.

Speaking of DC Films, The Rock had a meeting with the big wigs at DC about a film. I don’t know about you guys but I’m totally hoping it the Rock will pop up at the end of the Man of Steel Sequel as Mr. Mxyzptlk. I’d pay good money for The Rock to run around causing trouble all while wearing his wrestling gear and a little purple hat! Movie going fans would love this. Make it happen Warner Bros. And hey, if they were really going to throw fucking Nic Cage in a suit with plastic muscles on it, you could damn well give this a shot.

Marvel not to be outdone has sent out promo material for Guardians of the Galaxy. Thankfully Bendis ain’t directing this. The first two hours would be Drax standing around telling jokes to the movie going audience. Imagine if during Die Hard, Bruce Willis kept winking at you and reminding you that it’s only a movie. All while BMB laughs with Joe Quesada all the way to the bank….the money bank.  But still everybody looks pretty cool except Chris Pratt. It just looks like Marvel teleported Andy Dwyer in the Marvel U. If he ends up saving the day by hiding in a dumpster boy I’m gonna be really pissed. And somewhere amused.

Speaking of the big boys at Marvel have you noticed that all the Marvel Now wave 2 books (New 53?) are all priced at $3.99? It’s official, Marvel has now moved us up to all books having a cover price at 4 bucks. I had to drop Fantastic Four. No way you are going to get me to shell out 3.99 for that shit. It was pretty awful so I won’t lose too much sleep. I just hope the good folks at Marvel are saving my money wisely. Lord knows I wasn’t. Quick lets never speak of this again before DC pulls back on it “Hold the line at $2.99” crap. They see Marvel do it and their just like a parrot.

That’s all I got for now. I’ll be back in a month or so to make light of the coming and goings in the comics news. (All the news that fits into the nonsense I wan to spew.) I’m lazy like Odin. What can I say? So until next month, stay out of the comments!!!!1

-Tash Moore  

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