Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tash's Pick of the Week: Animal Man #27

Written By Jeff Lemire
Art By Rafael Albuquerque
Colors By Dave McCaig

It’s on! Like some sort of hot buttered treat. Tash Moore here with my pick of the week, which is Animal Man. Much like Animal Crackers, I can’t seem to get enough of this title. Is it me or does Animal Man seem like the most original story being told in the DCnU? Quick hide Jeff Lemire before Dan Didio knocks him and locks him in a closet for not being American or a guy not named Lee or Snyder. Ahem, Animal Man is stuck doing battle in the Red and has to fight the evil totem that turned on the good totems.

Back in the real world, Buddy’s wife Ellen is stuck at the fake academy awards and punches out a reporter who takes the time to ask a stupid question if the death of her son Cliff was real or if he ever really was her son at all. You can guess that Ellen didn’t take that lightly and laid the reporter with a knock out punch that would make Batman and Guy Gardner proud. Blue Beetle was said to be seen the background, or not.

Unlike in most comic books Ellen gets hauled off to jail. But Superman can just fly around and slam into building and everyone just seems to clap and smile. Go figure. Animal Man is using the power that he got for the deal with the Bridgewalker. In exchange for a power upgrade Buddy makes a deal that he would forever take the place of the Bridgewalker when he passes. Forever or until the next reboot. Whichever comes first.

Back deep within the Red, at the Mountains of Muscle to be exact, Shepherd and crew make a last stand against the followers of Brother Blood. And it’s a fight to the death. Even good old Shepherd gets killed. And what a shame. I was kind of hoping he would get some sort of spin-off series by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Oh well. It was sad to see him go. Great story and art. My one complaint is that when Rafael Albuquerque (say that five times fast) drew Ellen Baker she looked strange. He can illustrate the whole book. But for Ellen could someone float some cash to Travel Foreman to draw her and photoshop her into this book? Works for me. But really this book has been great. I hate that DC is pulling the plug on Animal Man. I know the sales aren't the greatest but it’s way better than the heaping pile of shit that is Stormwatch. Yeah, that’s right. It’s true and you know it.

With that said. Go out and pick up this book. It bloody good fun. I really mean that, between Brother Blood and all the killing it’s bloody. You can’t ask for a better story in a modern comic. Respect.

-Tash Moore

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