Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #320

Written by: Dave Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

    Here begins a brand new story arc, a 6-parter called The Assassin Nation Plot! This story starts off with Peter in his lab at ESU working on some new stronger webbing. Might as well right? Once that's over, its time to test out the new formula, and there's only one person who can do that, and that's the Amazing Spider-Man! While he's out testing this, over at Aunt May's boarding home, MJ gets a phone call from an old friend, Harry Osborn. He and Liz are moving into a new apartment in Soho and just wanted to get some help from MJ and Peter. The call is short, and Aunt May starts acting a bit weird. She seems like she's waiting on a call, wanting to keep the line open as long as she can. Meanwhile, back on the streets of New York, Spidey finds some knocked out guys at a catering joint. Inside the building he finds the Paladin, an ex gun for hire. It isn't long before the Spider-Sense starts tingling and the bullets start flying! Spider-Man uses some of his new stronger webbing to stop a couple guards, but its so strong that his pinch valves don't cut the web! This gives Paladin some time to escape. Now that there's time to relax, Spidey checks the area and finds some papers for a party at a real fancy joint coming up soon. He heads home and decides to check it out. After all, he does have a wife who knows people that know people!

    At the party that night, Peter finds Paladin and he's hanging out with some familiar faces, but Peter can't think of who they are. Now its time to get down to business, Pete leaves the party and changes his clothes so he can tail Paladin, who's tailing someone else. He follows both cars and they come to a stop at a meeting point in Brooklyn. A fight breaks out, and Spider-Man steps in, but this complicates everything even more, as the man who Spidey just saved from Paladin, pulls out a gun himself and starts firing on Spider-Man! Guards, guns, and even TANKS later, Paladin and the Web-Head escape safely. Paladin yells at Spidey for a bit, telling him that because of the distraction, both his targets got away. They were men named Drake and Chakane, some familiar names to Peter. Paladin calls for his ride, but Spidey doesn't let him go alone, he's gonna get to the bottom of who's hiring Paladin. Turns out its an old ally/foe/whatever she wants to be this week the Silver Sable! Spider-Man finally remembers who Drake is, he's the guy who was planning on armored condo retreats in New Jersey! You'll remember him from way long ago in ASM 298-299! Ain't it great who this writer brings stuff back from all the way back then? Sable shares that there have been hints discovered of conspiracy against her native country of Symkaria and Chakane is somehow involved. She hired Paladin to get to Chakane and get some answers, but he couldn't do that because of Spider-Man. He offers to help out...for free (of course) and they drop him back off in Manhattan.

    Sleep surely doesn't come easy, and the next morning comes quick. Pete wakes up nice and early and decides, while MJ is still asleep, he's gonna call the Symkarian embassy and see what's up. He picks up the phone to listen in on a conversation by accident. Its a doctor, and he says the heart condition is very advanced and six months is all we can hope for. Wait, WHAT?! Aunt May has a heart condition? Aunt May only has six months to live?!?! What a way to end this issue. I mean, TALK about cliffhanger! This is insane! How can this possibly be?! Guess we'll have to find out next issue of the Amazing Spider-Man! Stay close readers, until next week!

-Matt Milanes

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