Saturday, February 1, 2014

Comics Review: Mighty Thor #206

Written By Gerry Conway
Pencils By John Buscema
Inks By Vince Colletta

Tash Moore back here to give you more goodness from the Bronze Age tales of that sissy boy who has daddy issues, Thunder God Thor. For a really tough guy, he sure does mope around a bunch. The Mopey Thor!!! No, sorry to say it but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Oh well, go figure.

This tale opens up with a weird object flying in the sky. Quick close your eyes before the Men in Black show up and erase your memory. God knows this is surely what they did to the editing staff over at Marvel. “ Thunderstrike?!? No such thing! Now read Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s great!” Clearly. The black flying object lands in Rutlan Vt. and gets taken in to the home of a kind old stranger. The blacken villain uses some type of magic to bring Crusher Creel back to NYC.

Creel is going all “I’m pissed at the good guys” in downtown NYC. Sif is in the area and tries to stop Creel all by herself. Now get this, the hero of this mighty magazine is hanging at the Avengers Mansion forcing Jarvis to make him a damn sandwich. It’s clearly this type of B.S. that caused Iron Man to turn his back on Thor during Civil War. Or not. The news shows Creel tearing up downtown New York with Sif doing battle with him. Thor sees this then jumps out of the window to join the fight. I always wondered why The Fantastic Four and the other Avengers didn’t see this crap going on. I guess that would work out if Mr. Fantastic paid they're damn electric bill at the Baxter Building. The cheap fuck. World’s smartest man. Just don’t ask him to handle the check book.

Getting back on track, Thor and Creel fight. (Hey, it’s a damn Thor comic. It’s all he knows.) Thor hits Creel a few times in the head with his hammer. Creel does his whole I absorb energy bit and steals some of the magic from Thor’s mallet. You know, someone should tell Thor that if you are fighting a guy also named the Absorbing Man you just might not want to hit him with your magical hammer. Just saying.

 This issue comes to an close when Thor and Creel are pulled to Rutland Vt. Both arrive and are knocked out by none other than Loki. Turns out he was the fellow covered in black at the beginning of the book. Loki wants revenge on Thor from what was the last time they went at it. Damn Loki, he’s always looking for some sort of revenge on Thor. I think it’s time to move on and open his own chain of furniture store on Asgard. That’ll teach Thor a lesson. “No 15% family discount for you, Dear Brother! Hahahaha!”

That’s about it for this month. Thor is still an OK read but it has it’s ups and downs. The downs being the dialogue being so stiff at times. Then again I guess "Gods” on earth would talk a bit different from us. The ups being the artwork of John Buscema. A man who I feel needs to be mentioned when we talk about the Jack Kirby’s and the Steve Ditko’s. His art still holds up after all these years.

-Tash Moore

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