Monday, February 17, 2014

Comics Review: Mighty Thor #207

Written By Gerry Conway
Pencils By John Buscema
Inks By Vinnie Colletta
Color By Glynis Wein

Hi ho there gang. I’m Tash Moore and I’m back with my review for the Mighty Thor #207. It’s been a few weeks since I hammered (Mjolnir?) one out. But hey  we don’t charge for any content on this site. When we launch The Verbal Mosh with premium content and start charging you, then you can let the hate mail fly. Anyhoo, Loki is hiding out in Vermont. I know that if I were a God on earth I’d pick a much better place to hide out. Get your pointy head in the game, Loki!

Continuing his battle with Crusher Creel, Thor tries to hold his own. Which he does until he drops his  hammer and Creel touches. Becoming just as powerful as the enchanted mallet itself. They story also clears up that Creel originally got his powers from an angry Loki back in the day. Most likely when Stan Lee himself was writing this book. Also did you know that this story takes place during a Halloween party in Rutland Vermont? Gerry Conway sure as hell didn’t let us forget.

Yeah that’s right folks. Comic book creators Len Wein, his wife Glynis, Steve Gerber and Gerry Conway himself are in this issue. This running at the same time there was a Batman comic that had Batman chasing some killing who also wound up at this same party. Go figure. Thankfully Gerry had the good sense not to re write the book and make himself the hero. Good for him.

Back to the star of this book. The Mighty (and angry) Thor. Thor is having a tough time taking down Creel until he knocks him into a river. For some strange reason Creel has no control over his own powers and turns into a pile of water and floats away. No, really. Now it’s time for the big ending.

Loki shows up and holy shit, John Buscema draws an awesome Loki. I’d post it here but don’t be lazy (like me) and look it up online. It’s totally worth it. We get a clash between Thor and Loki (it’s all they know!!) where Loki throws everything but the kitchen sink to knock Thor out. Thor stands his ground and this uses a Thunderbolt to bring down Loki. It’s awesome stuff. But Loki becomes blind from the Thunderbolt!!!!

In a fit of rage and confusion Loki runs around. This is until he falls off a cliff. Thor can’t get to him in time and just figures that Loki is dead. Really, Thor? This guy is the God of Mischief, you really think falling off a cliff is going to kill him? Wow, I’m beginning to think Thor isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Funny story but even better artwork. Also Thor is a damn dunce. I’ll be back soon with the newest (oldest) review of Bronze age Thor.

-Tash Moore

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