Saturday, February 8, 2014

Comics Review: Walking Dead #119

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

Things have been a little shaky for our heroes as of late. Rick's army has been split in two, to better take down Negan's outposts while the main hideout of the baddies is overrun with walkers. Ricks group has been doing just fine, but Ezekiel's group wasn't as successful. They couldn't take down the post, lost a lot of good men, and even Ezekiel's pet tiger, Shiva. Who knows what's to come next in this issue!

Lately, the surviving groups haven't been fighting walkers. They're not something to be worried about, not anymore. Loved ones are dying at the hands of other living people, and that's not going over too well with some of the folks in Ricks group. That's causing emotions to crack, sadness and anger. Ezekiel even breaks down a bit, still torn over Shiva. Luckily, he's staying with a woman who don't take no shit.
She cuts that right in the bud. Basically tells the poor man to buck up and grow a pair. Straight up calls him a pussy and tells him to act like he isn't. I mean, damn girl. Damn.

Rick finally returns to his town, much to Carl's relief, and to the news of Ezekiel's failure. The only thing to do now is to gather the remaining soldiers and plan out a new course of action. Give them a pep talk, SOMETHING. It's interrupted by the sound of gunshots and then the glass breaks in the building they're in. A peek outside shows who's responsible for this and, yes you guessed it, SHANE! Ok no, it's Negan! *thunder* He's somehow escaped his hideout and made it to Rick's town and all he wants to do When Rick doesn't show at first, Negan decides to persuade him a little bit, he brings out Holly, with a bad over her head. Ok, Negan's got Rick's attention, fine. Holly walks over to the gate, gagged and hands tied and makes it safely into the town. But as member of the town, Denise takes off the sack, we see that Holly has been killed and has returned as a walker!

Negan has used the walkers to his advantage as well, just as Rick has! And he's using them as part of his attack on Rick. How's Rick getting out of this one? It's no going to be easy, and many people are probably gonna die in the process. We're almost half way through this All Out War arc, and honestly it seems like it's dragged on already. The book is beginning to be like the show, they have a lot of filler issues, because they know people will buy them. I just hope this all wraps up in a way that's going to blow my mind. A boy can dream. Be back here in a week for the next installment of Dead Talks!

Matt Milanes

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