Monday, February 3, 2014

Reboots and Relaunches February 2014

Hello to all out there and welcome to the February edition of Reboots and Relaunches. The Internet column where I take news about the comic book industry and spin it for my own needs. Which now that I think about it, that’s just about every damn “news” site out there. Anyway we’ve (I’ve?) got a great deal of news to go over and I’ll add my opinion to it. I’ll try to stay on the straight and narrow like MSNBC. They have crappy ratings. So I’ll just say that everything about the comics industry hates America, just like Fox News! Thanks to FOX News we all now know that you can lie and get away with it. Just like in the movies.

Speaking of movies, Jesse Eisenberg has been cast in the unnamed Man of Steel sequel. As Lex
Luthor, no less. I assume in this film Lex will create a computer program to kill Superman. But at some point will sue Supes over it and take it public.
Kids will dump facebook for the chance to log on to Braniac. Superman will most likely get Batman (Ben I’m not that bad of an actor Affleck) to help with the lawsuit. Batman IS a detective. Remember that Batman does have a book and it’s called Detective Comics. Get your head in the game, Bats!  But all joking aside I do enjoy the work of Jesse Eisenberg. From Zombieland right on up to “Now You See Me".  While I would enjoy seeing Bryan Cranston in the role of Lex (selling meth on the streets of Metropolis, no less) I think Eisenberg is a great choice to get young folks to see Man of Steel 2 or whatever the hell it’s going to be called.

Speaking of Big Blue, have you noticed that his monthly comic has been crappy for some time. Okay not crappy but in an area where Bendis writes everything (I loved his re-boot of Hi and Lois), Superman has been missing the big name to move numbers. I love Scott Lobdell but he ain’t gonna sell 100,00 copies of Superman. Word on the street (Bleeding Cool) is that Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. are taking over Big Blue's solo title. Boy, does he need it. This is big news (if it pans out) because JRJR has been a staple over at the House of Ideas (Mouse?) since the 1970’s. Other than a stint over at Image Comics he hasn’t really done anything outside of Marvel Comics. This is also a big deal because Johns is DC’s answer to Bendis being a big key writer. Plus his work is good. He took Green Lantern and Aquaman to the top of the sales charts with awesome stories that were able to use past continuity to bridge past and modern stories together. Hopefully Johns and Romita Jr. get the book. I’ll read it.

As I write this the Super Bowl came and went. I was excited that it would be held here in my home state (Fuck you, New York.) New Jersey. While the game was largely forgettable, Marvel had some trailers for some of their upcoming summer films. I’ll be honest, I went for a piss break only to return to hear Olivia tell me that I missed the trailer for Amazing Spider-Man. I would have just shrugged my shoulders but she said it was a very good trailer and 9 times out of 10 she’s on the money. Thankfully they updated Spider-Man’s costume. He won’t be Sneaker-Man for this film. But the Captain America: Winter Solider trailer was pretty sweet. We got a better look at the Goober from Gossip Girl all decked out as Bucky Barnes. With Robert Redford in it I can only say this movie will be great. Also I love how Cap is rocking his modern Super Solider outfit here.

Last (and certainly least) Mike Marts is no longer editor of the Batman family of books. I had no idea that he left DC. Turns out it was because DC is making the move from New York City to the West Coast. The big move is so that when Dan Didio sees something he doesn’t like from an assistant editor he can just simply club them, eat their bones then steal their ideas. Hey, it worked for Bob Harris and look where that got him. Ahem. No word on who’ll take over the Batman books. Quick someone call Bob Schreck, he’ll do it. He’ll do ANYTHING from what I hear. Okay, no more Bob Schreck jokes for this month. I’ll be back soon with some more ramblings. So stay warm and get some youngster to dig all this snow away for you. It’ll save your back.

-Tash Moore

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