Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tash's Pick of the Week: Captain America #16.NOW

Written By Rick Remender
Pencils By Pascal Alixe
Colors By Edgar Delgado, Antonio Fabela & Israel Silva

So the pick of the week is back. I wish you could blame me for this being late but you can really blame the weather. Yeah, that makes sense to me. It’s the weather. And to be truthful the weather here on the east coast has been crappy. Once it gets to spring I’m sure we can get back to talking about super strong guys in tights beating on other people. Ahem. This week my pick is Captain America #16.NOW  Wow look at that, Marvel hates us so damn much that they aren’t even using just  numbers anymore.

Anyway in this issue Rick Remender gives us a tale of Jett Black. The daughter of Armin Zola who came back with Captain America from Dimension Z. She’s been hanging around with Cap ever since he taught her that people aren’t weak soft doughy things to just be killed. Go figure. While she’s just rocking a pair of black tights jumping around  NYC she stops some punks from robbing an old man who owns a shop.

I find it a but funny that Jett doesn’t really save the shop owner. She just tells the bad guys that the shop owner took his lumps like a real man and he should be left alone. They run off thinking she could be a new member of the Avengers. When the shop owner boo-hoos about Jett not stopping the punks she tells him to man up and do it himself. She also says that’s what’s wrong with people on our planet, we depend on the super heroes to help too damn much. I’ve been saying the same damn thing for years. Give Spider-Man a damn 401(K) and send the cops home. Who needs police training when you’ve been bitten by a radioactive spider. Am I right?

Going back to the rooftops of New York City Jett runs into a man named Tsar Sultan. Tsar tells her that he is a friend of her fathers. So what does she do? Why put on a red dress and go to dinner with him. Make sense to me. (Not really.) Tsar tries to cozy up to Jett but she’s having none of that. Tsar decides to just get to the point and take Jett to meet a man whom has been an even bigger ally to Zola.

And just who is that big bad? Why it’s the Red Skull, of course. Still using the powers that he’s had since he stole the brain of Professor X from back in Uncanny Avengers #1. He tells her that at some point she’ll have to betray Captain America. A close friend betray Captain America? Unheard of!! ( Sarcasm.) Red Skull uses his powers to reveal that the whole deal with hanging with Tsar was all an illusion. She’s free for now but in the end she’ll have to throw Cap under the bus.

Not a really bad issue. No Captain America in it, but it did lay some ground work for what’s coming down the line for Captain America. Cool also to see what the hell the Red Skull has been up to since he technically just vanished from the pages of Uncanny Avengers. That book got real confusing real quick. This was a quick read that has a decent ending. Hey, what can I say? It was a very light week for books. See ya soon.

-Tash Moore

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