Friday, February 28, 2014

Tash's Pick of the Week: Daredevil #36

Written By Mark Waid
Art By Chris Samnee
Color By Javier Rodriguez

Talk about stopping the presses. Tash Moore here with his pick of the week and I’m sure that if you’ve been keeping up with the pod cast (Shame on you if you haven’t) you know that Daredevil #36 is my pick. Mark Waid, Chris Samnee and crew have done a bang up job with this title since the relaunch. It’s been the most removed from carbon copies of Frank Miller’s Man Without Fear, which is really refreshing.

So in this issue, which is the last before we get a new #1 (Which won’t bring in new readers, no matter what Marvel says.) our boy Matt throws caution to the wind to bring the Sons of the Serpent to light by telling the open court that he is indeed Daredevil.
He puts it all out there. How he got his powers, what happened to his dad and he even lays out how he sued the Daily Globe for millions when they first outed him as the Man Without Fear. (Even thought it was really D.G. Chichester who first came up with the idea, screw you, Bendis.)

Clearly the Sons of the Serpent didn’t plan for Matty boy to out and out shoot himself in the foot and tell the Truth in open court. So what does a serpent do when it’s cornered? It strikes. Okay, okay I really just wanted to write that line. So sue me. Serpents attack the court house and Matt slips on his DD duds in front of everybody and it’s on! Daredevil and the goons of the serpent fight in the courthouse and reveal that the Judge sitting over the case it also down with the Sons of the Serpents. I guess everybody does have a price. (Cue the Million Dollar Man theme!) Even in the melee, Daredevil manages to save his on again/ off again lover interest Kirsten McDuffie. She keeps this up she’ll last longer than Karen Page. (Zing!)

The issue ends with Matt going before the New York State Supreme Court. Matt has his law license taken away from him. Turns out lying under oath and taking the law into your own hands is a bad thing. Huh? Who would have thunk that? Holy shit this is bad. You know when New Yorkers start to get behind the Green Goblin and put him in charge of S.H.E.I.L.D it just might be time to pack the hell up.

Which Matt does. Since he can’t do the whole lawyer man thing he decides that it’s time to leave the east coast. I, myself don’t blame him. We’ve had too much damn snow this winter. So it’s off to San Francisco yet again for the DD. The only place where he won’t be the only red head running around in skin tight leather. That’s right! I’d look for someone to high five right now, but I’m so very alone!

Great issue as always. Waid and Samnee get along so well that they are mention in the credits as storytellers and not that half ass just “Writer” and “Artist” label you normally get from the big two. It feels like these two have really gelled into a great Creative team. Here’s to another awesome thirty six issues from this team. I’ll gladly pay $3.99 for this new Daredevil title. Unlike most of what Marvel puts out, it’s worth it.

-Tash Moore

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