Thursday, March 20, 2014

Comics Rant: Mighty Thor #211

Written By Gerry Conway
Pencils By John Buscema & Don Perlin
Inks By Vinnie Colletta
Colors By P. Goldberg

What the dilly-o, gang? Tash Moore here with more Mighty Thor goodness from the Bronze Age. Which for you kids who only know who Bendis is, that’s the years of Mid 1970’s to late 1980’s. Back when Spider-Man wasn’t too overtly complicated and Batman was just getting back to being a stick to the shadows type of dude. In short, it was a totally awesome creative time to be reading comics. Thor was no exception. Gerry Conway added new layers to the God of Thunder and “Big” John Buscema provided some amazing art. Hell, when the end of the world comes John Buscema artwork will be saved for future generations to look at. Tony Daniels art will be destroyed…..along with Tony Daniels.

Back to my rant on this issue of Thor. Thor jumped into a giant fire to save his magic hammer. If it were me, I’d let the damn thing go. But seeing as how in the Bronze Age, if Thor lets go of his hammer for more than sixty seconds he turns back into his mortal for of Dr. Donald Blake. So yeah, it’s kind of important to get it back. Post haste.

While Thor is fighting in the flames to get his hammer, Ulik and his ragtag crew of Trolls drill a giant hole from under the earth’s crust to kill humans and take the surface for themselves. I’ll point out that once the Trolls along with Ulik came out NYC P.D. was there to fight them. Finally, a marvel comic where the cops don’t run around with their guns stuck to their holsters while the damn Benny Hill theme played in a loop. The cops held their own until the fell to the unrelenting attack of Ulik and his (Internet) trolls. Another great scene in this issue has Thor wondering in the underground tunnels and getting lost. So Thor does what we would all do when lost. Take out our magic hammer and start blasting holes in the air. (It’s all he knows.)

Back at Avengers Mansion, The Warrior’s Three are sitting around watching soap operas (Really!) when Jarvis runs in. In not so many words he tells them that Trolls are attacking Midtown and they should help. Seeing as how they’ve been just sitting around and eating the Avengers food. I don’t blame Jarvis. These jerk asses could contribute something. It’s only right.

After all his blasting Thor runs into the Trolls and Ulik just in the nick of time. Ulik knocks over a building and Thor struggles to hold it up. It does have people in it. Before Ulik can run a Pearl Harbor job on Thor, the Warrior’s Three show up to lend a hand. The rest of the issue is pretty much a paint by the numbers story. Thor and crew kick all types of ass on Ulik and the Trolls sending them running back to the underground. Thor then throws an abandon building over the hole that the Trolls and Ulik came out of. Funny how there always seems to be an abandon building just laying around for Thor. Man, that guy is lucky. I might have to kidnap him and drag his ass to Vegas for a weekend.

Thor and crew share in some backslapping then Thor’s all like “Hey, wait wasn’t I looking for Sif? I better get back to that!” But before Thor can make an exit Fandal has some news. Balder the Brave is now Balder the Crazy. Now’s Thor’s got to put his search for Sif on hold and deal with this. This makes Thor Grim! Look out bad guys!  Good issue with tons of cool fight scenes with Thor, Ulik, the Trolls and the Warrior’s Three. Fun stuff.

-Tash Moore

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  1. Colletta was the original great inker for Kirby's pencils, especially on the Thor and Fourth World books. Here, he continued in the great tradition of the Thor character by helping Buscema and Perlin achieve the Asgardian look that the series was known for. Vinnie inked these panels as if Kirby had penciled them. With love for the subject.