Friday, March 28, 2014

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #123

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

    Last time we learned of Negan's new strategy for taking down Rick and his group. They're covering their weapons in walker flesh so when they inflict even the smallest of wounds, their target is guaranteed to die and come back soon as a walker from the inside of the camp. Its a genius plan, and its going to pan out a little sooner than everyone on Rick's side thought. The man from the last issue who wants to help Dwight save Eugene comes to Gene's cell and breaks him out. Now is the perfect opportunity since everyone is off watching Rick's camp. As they're escaping, they come across some other members of the Saviors who want out, but can a big group like this escape successfully? Things seem calm at the Hilltop, which always means things are about to go downhill very quickly, and they do. Negan shows up at the front gates asking only for Rick. The guard pretends to not know even who Rick is, and he's dealt with fairly fast. With an arrow to the head. Negan still only wants Rick, and when he doesn't get him, he sends a truck straight through the front gates.

    They bust in only to one? Then a barrage of bullets kill everyone in the truck, Rick and his groupd were waiting on the sides for exactly this situation. They ambush the now wipe opening made by Negan. The fight ensues and bullets are flying everywhere. Men on motorcycles ambush the Hilltop and bring the fight to different angles of the camp. Knives covered in walker guts entering stomachs, bullets covered in walker flesh piercing legs and arms. Rick and his group are holding their own though, capping off just as many of Negan's men. The hilltop is quickly overrun though, and Negan and Dwight end up right behind Rick and Rick doesn't even know it. Negan demands Dwights to hit Rick with an arrow, even if its not a killshot, the walker guts on it will take care of Rick. After a bit of conflicted hesitation, Dwight ends up putting an arrow right through Rick's side.

    Now THAT is how to end a comic! Whoa!!! What's gonna happen next? Was that arrow even covered in walker gunk? Is the arrow gonna kill Rick either way? What does this mean for the Hilltop, for Andrea, for Maggie, her baby, for Carl?! You'll just have to find out next time on Dead Talks!

-Matt Milanes

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