Monday, March 3, 2014

Comics Review: Mighty Thor #208

Written By Gerry Conway
Pencils By John Buscema
Inks By Vinne Colletta
Colors By Stan G.

Hey hey gang, Tash Moore here with a new review for the Bronze Age Thor. You know, with Sif being taken hostage by the Norn Queen, Thor killing his brother and then being banished by dear old dad, Odin, this book is starting to feel like a bad soap opera. Hopefully this whole yarn doesn’t end up with Loki waking up in a hospital screaming “It was all a bad dream!”

In this mighty issue Thor tackles The Fourth Dimensional Man! No word on if later on does Thor fight the Third and Second Dimensional Man.
Turns out that the gentleman who now owns the building of Dr. Donald Blake is really the villain, Mecurio from the Fourth Dimension. He’s here because all of the magical energy used by Blake to turn into Thor has drawn him here. He needs that energy to save his people and dimension from certain doom.

Back on Earth, Thor is mad because in order to save him from Loki’s giant horns of doom (not the Dr.) Sif gave herself up to Karnillia The Norn Queen.  So he does what anyone would do when dealing with something stressful. He heads on down to Avengers Mansion to take a nap. I did that once. I totally fell asleep on Beast. It might has been that I thought he was big blue blanket. Clearly.  Anyway, Jarvis offers Thor some tea and Thor yells at him. Wow, Way to be a total dick there, Thor.

Thor takes his nap and isn’t so damn cranky anymore. Really. Thor races off to tell Jarvis that he’s sorry. Jarvis then sucks it up and takes the blame. I remember reading this thinking don’t give this jerk a free pass, dude. Thor turns into his mortal form. Then heads over to his office. Only to be cornered by Mecurio ( his name now sounds kind of Latin to me now). Without even a word Blake turns into Thor and they fight. Forget Hulk smash, Thor should use that for his damn battle cry.

It’s funny because in this story Mecurio (Del Rio?) tells Thor about his plight and how he needs Thor power to save his people. If this was the Modern Age Thor would have fought him then found common ground then saved Mecurio’s people. But no! Thor kicks his ass then hits him with a Thunderstorm. Killing Mecurio! Thus dooming his people to death. Holy shit. I thought Thor was the hero here? Not often that you see a big Blond haired, blue eyed white guy causing the death of an entire race. Oh Wait.  Well that’s how I’ll end this review. Be back soon with more killing and brooding next time.

-Tash Moore

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