Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #122

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

    Last time we almost saw Eugene die at the hands of Negan, but hung on by the skin of his teeth. Eugene also learned that Dwight is actually on his side. That's where the last issue left off, now let's see what kind of trouble our group can get themselves into this time around. Negan goes off to bed leaving Dwight with Eugene and another henchman. Dwight tries to tell Eugene, when he thinks the coast is clear, to not get himself killed. He's trying to help him escape but Eugene isn't making it any easier, talking to Negan the way he does. Gene doesn't believe him, asking why doesn't Dwight just kill Negan when he isn't looking, to which Dwight assures Eugene that if he didn't think the people here would have his head, he'd stick a knife right in Negan's eye. Unknowingly to them, there's another listener in the conversation. Its the other henchman that Negan left behind, and he just has a question for Dwight. To everyone's surprise, the man wants in on their plan. He wants to escape and be his own man. He wants to bring down Negan.

    Its a calm night at Rick's new camp, the Hilltop. Maggie is the leader of this group, although she's doubting that she really is. She's reassured that by knocking the old leader on his ass and started directing people when shit hit the fan, she took over as the new leaders. Big shoes for our pregnant protagonist here. Meanwhile, Rick and Andrea are keeping watch on the top of the wall, and with some quiet time, Rick can finally catch up on some much needed sleep. Over at Michonne and Ezekiel's place, he's pouring his heart out while she sleeps about how he needs to man up and will basically stop being such a baby about things. A new character, Olivia, comes up to Rosita telling her she knows she's sweet on Eugene and wants to comfort her about being worried. It doesn't end too well when Rosita asks to be left alone with her thoughts. And we learn Jesus is probably gay. Maybe I missed it earlier, but who cares? He's home reading a book when Alex comes in and cuddles up with him. Overall, its a calm night at the camp but not all is calm yet. Things are about to get much much worse.

    The next day begins and Negan has got some new ideas for Rick and the walkers. He knows that everyone on the planet is already infected. He knows that for some reason, a bite or scratch from the walkers is what kills people and they turn soon after. They've killed tens of Rick's people but that's all they've done. Now its time to attack the group from the inside. He takes Lucille, his barbed wire bat, and rubs it all over the face of a walker. Scraping off dead skin, flesh and thick blood. Now Lucille is a internal weapon. One strike with her and the goop from the walkers will be inside the wounds that the barbed wire inflict. Now the person is as good as dead with only one hit. He tells his men to cover their guns and bullets in walker flesh. He's bringing the fight to an entirely new level. Back at the camp, a group comes back from a loot and all seems well. Rick known Negan is coming, but hopes that it won't be for a bit longer, little does he know, Negan is watching them from a nearby hill ready to attack at sundown.

    And with that brings another chapter of All Out War to an end. Its coming to a quick end and no one knows how this can possibly get any crazier. You'll have to keep right here with us to get all the juicy details of this discomposing story. I know I can't wait! Until next week!

-Matt Milanes

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