Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tash's Pick of the Week: Animal Man #29

Written By Jeff Lemire
Art By Travel Foreman & Jeff Lemire
Colors By Lovern Kindzierski & Jose Villarrubia

Hey gang, Tash Moore here with my Pick of the Week which you can already tell is Animal Man #29. It’s the final issue of this comic book which has been a real gem of the New 52 since it launched a little over two years ago. It’s all the fault of Batdad if you ask me. Wait? You didn’t? Meh, who cares. Jeff Lemire has helmed the title since the first issue giving you and I some of the best tales that are a mix of both Super Hero and horror tales all together. The last issue of Animal Man is pretty damn bittersweet.

The issue has Buddy Baker talking Sock and Shepperd into becoming the new totems of the Red, seeing as how you know, the others totems are dead and one went power mad. Good idea, Buddy.
They all agree that no matter what that Maxine won’t become Animal Girl in the future. (That was easy.) Socks and Shepperd then grow ten feet in size. Clearly Buddy Baker has been doing some crazy drugs. That or that since Socks and Shepperd are the new totems of the Red they get stronger and bigger. But I like my version better. So yeah.

Back on the home front Buddy decides that he’ll be totally upfront and honest with his wife, Ellen, about all the crazy super hero stuff. She tells him that he should leave at that stuff at the front door. Somehow I find that really hard to do. You mean to tell me that some villain is going to show up to kill Animal Man and he’ll just shoo him away because of his wife?

Bad Guy: “I will kill you, Animal Man, Whahahahah!”
Animal Man: “ Bro? Are you crazy? My wife is right inside, she can hear you!”
Bad Guy: OMG, why didn’t you say something? This is a bad time. I’ll come back when you next come outside….Uhm…..whahahah!”


Hey, speaking of the home front, Travel Foreman returns to provide some art for this issue. I always liked his art for this book. It’s a minimalist approach but the monsters he’d draw to page would be creepy as all hell. There’s a part also in this issue where Buddy goes into Maxine’s room and she tells the events of the whole twenty nine issues of the book. From the team up with Swamp Thing to taking down Arcane and the sad death of Animal Man’s son Cliff. The flashback pages are drawn by Mr. Jeff (More than one paycheck) Lemire himself. Which I felt was a nice touch for the last issue.

The comic wraps up with Buddy putting Maxine to bed and puts a blanket over Ellen, who’s fallen asleep while reading a book. Saying goodnight to them both Buddy takes a small spider outside to the yard and says goodnight Cliffy. So his son is a spider. Cool. Good stuff with not a dry eye in the house. Dan Didio upon reading this issue then asked “Why’d we cancel this?” Upon being told he had nothing to do with it Dan threw the script into the garbage. Or Not.

-Tash Moore

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