Sunday, April 13, 2014

Comics Rant: Mighty Thor #212

Written By Gerry Conway
Art By John Buscema and Don Parlin
Inked By Vinnie Colletta
Colors By S. Goldberg

Tash Moore here with a new review for that Bronze Age Thor. Sorry, it’s been so long. I kept on meaning to get this review done but I ended up watching Sherlock from the BBC. To be honest that kind of taken over my life. Sorry, it’s true. So now that it’s over and I’m officially finished with Sherlock withdrawal I can get back to running this site (poorly) and getting out these reviews. So let begin shall we?

So in this tale it’s slavery she wrote. Thor is feeling homesick and decides that he should go ask Odin about going back to Asgard and making up with dear ol’ daddy. Thor and the Warriors Three show up to find the rainbow bridge totally empty. Looks like someone dropped the ball with security here.  Once they get to the city they find the streets of Asgard totally empty. Thankfully at no point did Thor shout out “It was hippies!” That would have been sweet. But sadly, it didn’t go down like that. Sadly

Out from the shadows comes a snake man named Sssthgar(He has a lot of S’s in his name because he’s a snake.Get it?)  and his ragtag crew of other snake dudes. They tell Thor the tale of how an alien life form of giant bug men come to their world on space ships and took over the planet and sold them into slavery.  This offends the Mighty Thor. A caste system in Asgard is OK but dear lord man, don’t enslave anybody. Thor draws the line there! Sssthgar tells how the bug men were just flying by and just up and decided “Holy Shit, Gods. Let beat them up and sell them into intergalactic slavery. Basic plot right. All that’s missing from this story is a very small man riding Thor like a horsey!. (Star Trek ;))

Odin leads a group of warriors to battle the bug men. They put up a pretty good fight but without Thor and the Warrior Three the whole damn golden city falls to the bug men. Just like in real life. Odin and everyone is taken to the ships to be sold but in the fighting Sssthgar and a few of his men were able to escape in the melee.  You pretty much know where this is heading, Sssthgar,Thor and all the good guys take a magic boat (I didn’t write it.) to the planet where Odin and the rest of Asgard are being auctioned off into Slavery.

Thor and crew start kicking all types of ass. Thor was sent into a frenzy when he saw his dad, Odin being set up to be auctioned off. During the battle with the slavers Odin wakes up from a trance and tells Thor to get the hell out of dodge because he has walked right into a trap. It’s reveled by Odin that Sssthgar was working in tandem with the bug men. Sssthgar is a bad guy, too! Well to be honest, I would have thought that too when I met him. With a name like Sssthgar, and looking like a damn snake and all, I’d be a little cautious myself. But since Thor ain’t the smartest man around he gets captured along with the Warriors Three. Now they’ll all be sold into slavery.

Pretty good issue for the most part. Don Perlin does a fantastic job of holding the art work to look as consistent as possible. Seeing as how Buscema (who is a master.) and Perlin (who’d later have a long run on Ghost Rider.) had to split the art chores from this comic, they totally didn’t miss a beat here. Funny story about Odin being sold into slavery with Snake Men and giant bug. Reads like science fiction on speed. Pretty good stuff. My thumb is up.

-Tash Moore

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