Monday, April 7, 2014

Comics Rant: Superior Spider-Man Team Up #11

Written by: Kevin Shinick
Art by: Marco Chechetto and Ron Frenz

The goblin has completely taken over New York City! Buildings are burning, people are hurt, and he's got control of Mayor Jameson's Spider-Slayers and is gripping Spider-Man and the Spider-Man of the future in his grips! What a better time than this to reflect on life?! Apparently, Otto agrees and that's just what he does. He takes us back to a time shortly after the supposed death of Norman Osborn. It's at a castle in Europe, on a dark and stormy night. Geez, haven't seen THIS before.
At this point in time, these two vile villains of Spider-Man have never really worked together, although Ock was part of the Sinister Six, a team who failed in defeated Spider-Man. Osborn proposes a partnership to end Spider-Man and it doesn't take Ock long to sign up for the ride.

Throughout their work together, the two become basically weird friends. Sharing old stories about passed loves in particular. Ock shares how he had to leave his fiancé to help his dying mother, who died anyway, and he was left heartbroken for some time. They conclude their work with a robo-ock-goblin hybrid thing that actually looks really deadly!

Before they are able to use it though, Otto gets a phone call one night from Norman telling him to rush to a nearby hospital, there isn't time to explain. He gets there to find Norman, an find out that Norman found Otto's old love!......and had her car run off the road! Well, THAT escalated quickly! All is well though, she had a blood transfusion and will Norman injected her with a deadly virus!!! Dude, seriously, wtf man?

Is that a cliffhanger or what?! I really liked this issue. It was short, sweet, provided back story for two amazing characters. A real well rounded issue. Not to mention, a good break from all the chaos going on in the Spider-World right now. I mean, I'm STILL calming myself down from the ending of Superior 30. A pleasurable, quick read. Go out and pick it up! Until next week!

Matt Milanes

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