Thursday, April 3, 2014

Reboots and Relaunches April 2014

Well I hope you are happy. I’m back and ready to go. I’m Tash Moore here with a new edition of Reboots and Relaunches. The comic book column that takes the “news” and totally makes fun of it. You know, just because. I’d like to point out that I am pretty late in doing this, but hey, better late than never. I guess.

Amazing Spider-Man #1

Bleeding Cool has reported that Marvel has sold about half a million copies of Amazing Spider-Man #1. While I’ll totally say that this is money in the bank it’s also a bad thing. Marvel has taken the money of comic book shops with its pre order system. Do you really think that there are half a million people out there who are waiting to get this book? Nope. It’s pretty much a set up to force people to buy the god damn variant covers. (Damn, Matt.)  How many copies do you think will wind up in the back issue bin? Tons I bet. Sadly I remember when someone would kill for a copy of ASM. I was one of those kids. How I miss the 1990’s. But I’ll say that Dan Slott has been a great writer for the book. Not since the days of Lee and Ditko has the comic been this fun. I’ll buy my copy.
I just hate that Marvel sets it up like that there are half a million readers for this book. But hey, spin is what Marvel does best. ( Current re launches anyone?)

Marvelman 2.0?!?

Word is that sales of the re published Alan Moore Miracleman have been pretty flat. I read that Miracleman will be starting over with a new #1 under the Marvel NOW banner.  I know that people would be upset with this as a cash grab and it is. But…… I think this is fine within the context of the damn story. The first arc is taken from the Dream of Flying TBP which is out of print and really damn hard to find. So it makes total sense that Marvel would throw a new #1 to grab $$$ to tie into the next storyline The Red King Syndrome. It’s all good stuff but they have been doing a bit of a censor job. I remember reading the issue where Miracleman’s daughter is born and it’s pretty fucking graphic. Marvel is turning into WWE. It’s going in a total PG direction when it’s core fucking audience are adults! Sounds more like shooting themselves in the foot while trying to please some corporate master. That sounds about right to me.


Well unless you’ve been living under a rock (like me) you’ll know that with Arrow on the tube, DC will be rolling out tons of new shows in the vein of Agents of SHIELD. I guess they decided to do the same thing Marvel did with it’s properties. Except you know by that I mean the total fucking opposite.  I don’t know but this could work out for them. But hey, this is the same fucking company that tried to tell me “Green Lantern” was a great film. I can see Dan Didio sitting around trying to convince the big wigs over at the WB that it is just like Citizen Kane. But just in space. Yup. But hey while we've got time lets look at some of the shows that are set to hit the small screen.

-The Flash.

As a kid I really did dig the live action Flash TV show. Even if the lead had those goofy ass muscles added to the costume. Hey did I mention that this show had Mark Hammil as the Trickster. You read that right. Luke Fucking Skywalker was the Trickster. That alone is good enough as a nerdgasim. I’ve seen some stills for the show. To be honest it doesn’t look that bad. The kid they got to play Barry Allen looks like he just stepped out of Gossip Girl. But what can you do? Since I’m a big mark for the Flash, I’ll keep complaints to myself. For now.


I hear that they have their lead with Jim Gordon who I can say looks pretty damn close to Big Jim of Batman Year One. They even have a young Bruce Wayne. I’ve seen the guy they’ve got to play the Penguin. I heard that people are bitching that Penguin is too good looking. I think it’s for the best that we get away from Danny DiVito. While he was great in “Batman Returns” do you really want to see his ugly ass week after week? No, I didn’t think so. So get used to seeing good looking Penguin. It is network TV after all. I think this show totally has the potential to be the breakout show. So long as it doesn’t follow the formula that Catwoman did. Oh god, that was an awful film. But we can all hope it takes a page from Gotham Central and another great show on NBC, Hannibal. It should be on late and have a warning for all those kids out there. Batman has always been (somewhat) grounded in reality and this show should be total noir. I’m gonna freak out if Gordon starts dialing people with a huge ass red phone. It would be great (Awful).

I got nothing else to make fun of so I’ll take a bow for the moment. I’ll be back before the end of this month and give my opinions on this great industry we call grown men in their underwear acting out it’s weird power fantasy. Wait, I mean comic books. Until then.

-Tash Moore

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