Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tash's Pick of the Week: Green Lantern #30

Written By Robert Venditti
Art By Martin Coccolo
Colors By Tony Avina & Alex Sinclair

I've got the Pick of the Week this time around and as you can tell with the title it’s about Green Lantern #30. All credit goes to writer Robert Venditti, who’s done a really good job on this book. I will admit that I am one of those people who stopped, for a period, buying Green Lantern when Geoff Johns left the title. To be honest Johns had been spreading himself pretty thin. Making him the DC equivalent of Brian Bendis. Except being bald and crappy, Geoff has a head full of hair.

I’m really enjoying Hal Jordan as the leader of the Green Lantern Corps. He’s a natural born leader. Plus you know fans were just waiting in the 1980’s for Hal to knock off the guardians and take over. You know
it’s true. I’m pretty sure Alan Moore has that story in a filing cabinet somewhere. It’ll be very thought provoking…. and have rape. Because you know it’s not an Alan Moore story without it. (Not my words, Grant Morrison said it.)

So anyway back to the main plot of this issue. The Green Lantern Corp. are despised and feared by a universe that hates them…… man that sounds like that other group over at Marvel. But it’s a new twist so I’ll go with it. So with a story that may or may not have been taken right out of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Hal and the gang head out to a starbase to meet with this emissary who is in a neutral part of the galaxy. No word on if Captain Kirk was there having a drink. The Lanterns meet with a war-like race. LIKE THE DAMN KLIGONS!!! This is getting out of hand. Pretty soon, Rod Roddenberry will come slinking out of the shadows asking for money.

There was a guest artist on this month’s issue which was Martin Coccolo. He’s more serviceable than Billy Tan that’s for sure. He’s got a pretty nice painted style. Makes the issue look like an old episode of Star Trek. Wait, what? So Hal meets up with the Klingon-like bad guy named Khu. They argue over who gets to use the base of Oasis (It’s neutral, remember?)  So it’s a fight to the finish. Klingon style.

It’s pretty paint by the numbers with the fight. Khu kicks Hal’s ass. Then somehow Hal makes a big baby face comeback and kills Khu. So much for being the hero of the title. It’s like a grim and gritty story out of 1991. Is Ron Marz writing this thing? So the “good” guys win control of the starbase. Back on Mongo, we find the Durlan who posed as Hal Jordan causing all the trouble for the Corp. He’s found by the Lanterns who stayed behind. Turns out that the Durlan was working for the rogue Green Lantern named MukMuk (who looks like a giant goldfish). He kills the Durlan to keep his true intentions from being found out. Good issue that moved the plot along. It was even cool that they ripped off Star Trek a bit. Being a trekkie, I don’t really mind.

-Tash Moore

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