Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Movie Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past
directed by Brian Singer
starring Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellan, Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and more.

I must say this movie was soooooooo much better than Amazing Spider-Man 2. I feel like Spider-Man is cursed. The first movie starts out really good and then it starts to go downhill from there, similar to the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies. And y'know what that is? It's the Parker luck.

I've been a fan of all of the X-Men movies, so far. (Though I can't include the Wolverine Origins movie since I never got around to seeing that one. I probably should do that sometime.) Anywho, X-Men: Days of Future Past brings together characters from both X-Men and X-Men: First Class. Life in the future isn't peaches and cream for the X-Men team.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tash's Pick of the Week: Amazing Spider-Man #2

Written By Dan Slott
Pencils By Humberto Ramos
Inks By Victor Olazaba
Colors By Edgar Delgado

Well everyone I’m back with a new pick of the week and surprise, surprise it’s Amazing Spider-Man #2. It’s back to basics with Peter Parker now back in his own body after the past year and some change of Doc Ock filling in. If you don’t know what I mean think the Clone Saga from the 1990’s. Just done better but sadly without the same sales. (Say what you want but those Clone Saga issues outsold anything being put out by the big two at this point so suck it!)  Pete’s back and to tie into that awful ass Amazing Spider-Man 2 film (I’m working on getting my money back from that film, I just need a ski mask and web shooters, it only seems fair.) Electro is here too!

Ever since Doc Ock Spidey messed with his powers, Electro has been on a tear so to speak. His powers are going all nutty and he decides to repeat what he did that had brought the New Avengers

Monday, May 26, 2014

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #126

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

    This is it guys! This is everything we've been waiting 6 months for. This is the end of everything, RAGNAROK. Ok, maybe not that bad, but dammit its close! Previously, the final image in our heads was that of Rick giving Negan a nice good slice on his neck, not intending to kill him. Things are gonna get nice and juicy, so lets get into this and find out how this mega event ends.

    The knives fly and so do the fists! Absolutely zero time was wasted getting the fight under way and everyone on both fronts gets themselves involved. During the struggle before Negan nearly passes out from blood loss, he snaps Rick's leg and breaks it at the shin. When the fight finally settles down, Dwight has his moment to truly show who's side he's been on the entire time. He walks over to Lucille and just as we think he's gonna smash someone's head in, he doesn't kill neither Rick nor Negan. Instead, Rick gets a doctor to save Negan's life! What could he possibly have in his mind for punishment for Negan?

The Verbal Mosh Episode 270

On this week's episode, we talk about Invincible #111, Wonder Woman #31, Batman and Frankenstein #31, Daredevil #3, Hulk #3, Miracleman #6, Thor God of Thunder #22, and Amazing X-Men #7. Tune in right here to hear this new episode or over on our Facebook page.
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Friday, May 23, 2014

Comics Rant: Iron Man #25

Written by: Kieron Gillen
Art by: Luke Ross

Another week where Iron Man is the best book I read all week. Again, I'm not sure what that says about my pull list, but I digress. As I continue to tell Tash every couple weeks "I swear dude, this book is getting better.", and today I bring you Rings of the Mandarin Chapter III. Last issue Tony had traveled to the land of the dark elves to look for Malekith since he had stolen some of the Mandarin Rings. He used up all his doors back to Midgard (Earth) and is trapped with a now actual iron clad Iron Man suit. Did I mention actual iron severely hurts dark elves? This should get interesting.

It doesn't take long for the fighting to start. Iron harpoons shooting through elf skin, iron filings shooting from hoses, everything burning and melting the elves away like nothing. Tony is able to get one ring back no problem, now he just needs to corner Malekith.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Trade Central Station: Spider-Man: Carnage


Well hello there folks, Tash Moore here. While I was sitting here and just looked over I saw that I still have a giant shelf of comics and trades. Just at random I reached over and found the Spider-Man Carnage trade from back in the 1990’s. This trade collects Amazing Spider-Man #361-#363. Ah the good ol’ 1990’s. Back when comics still went by the original number and the creative teams stuck around for longer than just six fucking issues. Anyway, the creative team here is one of the all time greats of Amazing Spider-Man and it’s writer David Michelinie and artist Mark Bagley and Randy Emberlin. These guys where a mainstay of Spidey when he was at creative high points of the early part of the 1990’s. So lets get on with the rant of this trade.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #125

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

Last we left this book, Rick was shot with an arrow that was thought to have walked splooge all over it. That means he would slowly die and become a walker, but he seems to be the only person who isn't getting sick. Maybe the arrow was clean?

Eugene and his crew from Negan's old hangout finally arrive at the hilltop just in time to help clean things up. Back at the makeshift hospital, Rick is up and walking as a young boy's father dies of sickness. Carl then says the absolute smartest thing he's ever uttered in this entire book. He tells the boy that one day, someone is going to tell him to get over it. To not be sad at death, for it is inevitable. He tells the boy to do his best at ignoring that person. To hold onto that pain. It makes us human, and it's so easy to lose.

The Verbal Mosh Episode 269

This week on The Verbal Mosh comic bookpodcast, we review Batgirl #31 and Captain America #20. You can blast this new episode right here for free or on our Facebook page.
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Friday, May 16, 2014

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Moon Knight #3

Moon Knight #3
written by Warren Ellis
art by Declan Shalvey

Moon Knight is such a great book. The artwork alone is fantastic but the story to go with it is so different from a lot of other super-hero comic books these days that it's like a breath of fresh air.

I've been really enjoying the re-imagining of this character. Whether he's dressed in his white suit or all geared up with his giant crescent shaped cape, Moon Knight is such a striking and frightening guy especially in contrast to the dark, grim world around him.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
directed by Marc Webb
starring: Andrew Garfield, Jamie Foxx, Emma Stone, Sally Field, and more.

Well... I had heard this movie was getting mixed reviews and after watching the movie, I have my own mixed feelings about it.  Gwen Stacy wore a cute green tweed, knit hat. It wasn't as cute as the beige, cabled and bobbled knit hat from The Amazing Spider-Man, though. And, that's my review... heh heh. I kid. There's more to say about this movie.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Reboots and Relaunches May 2014

Well what’s going on there, gang? Much like an absent father in the urban areas, I’m here to hang out for just a little but, eat most of your food, then borrow some cash while not being seen for another six months. Or at the very least steal most of your stuff while you sleep, but hey, that’s life. (A hard knock?) So let’s get on to the news, which is just me giving my opinion of things going on in the comic book industry. Which is JUST LIKE everyone else on the Internet. But with no filter or spell check for that matter.

Gotham Trailer:

The trailer for the Gotham TV show on Fox hit the world wide web sometime last week. I’ll admit that I really liked it. I liked the vibe I got from the guy playing Jim Gordon. In a city of crappy people who gun down the most well know people in the city (The Wayne Family) and every damn cop is on the take from the Mob, Gordon seems like the most honest guy there. So my hats off to him. I still say that if they try to make this show too damn kid friendly, I’ll throw my TV at a hobo.

The Verbal Mosh Episode 268

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We're back with a new episode of The Verbal Moshcomic book podcast, where this week we talk about Wake #8, Green Arrow #31, Detective Comics #31, Green Lantern #31, and Miracleman #5. You can find the new Episode right here and on our Facebook page.
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tash's Pick of the Week: Silver Surfer #2

Written By Dan Slott
Art by Michael Allred
Colors By Laura Allred

Major props to Jack “King” Kirby when coming up with the herald of a dude who got his kicks off from eating planets. Who in their right minds would come up with a totally naked dude flying around on a surfboard?! LSD must have been passed around the Marvel Offices at the time. No Doubt, by Steve Ditko. I kid! I love Kirby and Ditko. Clearly, Kirby is so damn good that his designs are still being used to this damn day. That’s respect. Or an ability to NOT come up with new ideas. Whatever.

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Verbal Mosh Episode 267

We'd combined the previous week's worth of books with this week since there weren't a lot of them. They all turned out to be rather good.
On this episode of The Verbal Mosh, comic book podcast, we review: Thief of Thieves #20, Daredevil #2, Chew #41, and Amazing Spider-Man #1. So click on the link right here or also tune in for free on our Facebook page.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Comics Rant: Mighty Thor #215

Written By Gerry Conway
Pencils By John Buscema
Inks By Jim Mooney
Colors By Stan G.

Back for the attack, folks. Well I know that no one really ever says folks anymore, but you know what? It’s my rant and I’ll use whatever I want. So there. Anyhoo, I’m back and we can continue with the craziness that is mid to late 1970’s Thor. Which has more wild things going on than your grandfather having an acid trip from all the damn drugs he did back when he was a kid. Yup. So this tale picks up right where we left off with Thor and his crew teaming up with Mecurio and his gang to take on the giant crystal that has captured Sif and Karnilla.

The crystal tells the good guys that they were once like humans (Weren’t they all?) then their sun was going to explode,