Friday, May 23, 2014

Comics Rant: Iron Man #25

Written by: Kieron Gillen
Art by: Luke Ross

Another week where Iron Man is the best book I read all week. Again, I'm not sure what that says about my pull list, but I digress. As I continue to tell Tash every couple weeks "I swear dude, this book is getting better.", and today I bring you Rings of the Mandarin Chapter III. Last issue Tony had traveled to the land of the dark elves to look for Malekith since he had stolen some of the Mandarin Rings. He used up all his doors back to Midgard (Earth) and is trapped with a now actual iron clad Iron Man suit. Did I mention actual iron severely hurts dark elves? This should get interesting.

It doesn't take long for the fighting to start. Iron harpoons shooting through elf skin, iron filings shooting from hoses, everything burning and melting the elves away like nothing. Tony is able to get one ring back no problem, now he just needs to corner Malekith. And he does just that, but the blue bastard gets away. Stupid magic. He gets away and heads to his hideout to snatch the third ring, only to be greeted by Asgardians. Ahhh yes, Thor, Odin, and others. The mightiest warriors in all of...ok yeah we get it. Malekith gets his ass handed to him but it's all an illusion set up by none other than the remaining owners of the Mandarin Rings! Earthlings who haven't been hunted down for their ring yet, have come to another realm to complete their collection!

Now THAT was an issue! Lots of action, great plots twists, and again great action. I'm glad I stuck with this book through the first couple arcs because holy hell those were tough. I like the direction that SeƱor Gillen is taking the ol' Shell Head. Throwing him up against foes he's not accustomed to. After all, wasn't that the entire point of Marvel NOW? ;D Be back in a week for another rant on another book.

-Matt Milanes

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