Monday, May 26, 2014

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #126

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

    This is it guys! This is everything we've been waiting 6 months for. This is the end of everything, RAGNAROK. Ok, maybe not that bad, but dammit its close! Previously, the final image in our heads was that of Rick giving Negan a nice good slice on his neck, not intending to kill him. Things are gonna get nice and juicy, so lets get into this and find out how this mega event ends.

    The knives fly and so do the fists! Absolutely zero time was wasted getting the fight under way and everyone on both fronts gets themselves involved. During the struggle before Negan nearly passes out from blood loss, he snaps Rick's leg and breaks it at the shin. When the fight finally settles down, Dwight has his moment to truly show who's side he's been on the entire time. He walks over to Lucille and just as we think he's gonna smash someone's head in, he doesn't kill neither Rick nor Negan. Instead, Rick gets a doctor to save Negan's life! What could he possibly have in his mind for punishment for Negan?

    Once everything is nice and calm, Rick makes an announcement to the group that they're going to stay and try to build a better safer life. Everyone seems to agree and want to be a part of all this. Meanwhile, Carl has slipped away from everyone and found his way into Negan's room where he lays unconscious on the bed, hooked up into an IV. Carl wants to kill Negan. Just blow his head off right where he sleeps, but Rick doesn't let him. Once they kill for vengeance, they lose their humanity and become no better than Negan himself. Carl hikes it back to pansy land and we're left with Rick and Negan, and Rick knows Negan is actually awake. Negan asks what now since Rick has him but doesn't want to kill him. Rick informs Negan that he's going to be in some kind of jail, watching the group as they grow into something larger and stronger than Negan would have ever known and in watching...he's completely fucked.

    This event didn't end at all like I had thought it was going to. To be perfectly honest, the story was enjoyable, but it didn't have to be condensed to a 6 month story. I feel like I could've waited a year like normal, mainly because there was no meat to this story. Oh ok, big war, big whoop. This arc had more filler than a Stephen King book. Sure, some major characters bit the bullet...sort of, but it didn't "WOW!" me like I had hoped it would. Overall, I feel like the book in general is getting comfortable with itself. No need to put out real quality stuff since people will buy anyway, and its alllllll thanks to that oh just so AWESOME TV show. Can you tell I'm pissed at the Season 4 Finale? Anyway, congrats Kirkman on making it this far, and for AMC's sake, I hope your comfort in this book can take you much farther. Be back soon for a look on what the towns are up to after this All Out War.

-Matt Milanes

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