Friday, May 16, 2014

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Moon Knight #3

Moon Knight #3
written by Warren Ellis
art by Declan Shalvey

Moon Knight is such a great book. The artwork alone is fantastic but the story to go with it is so different from a lot of other super-hero comic books these days that it's like a breath of fresh air.

I've been really enjoying the re-imagining of this character. Whether he's dressed in his white suit or all geared up with his giant crescent shaped cape, Moon Knight is such a striking and frightening guy especially in contrast to the dark, grim world around him.

In this issue, Moon Knight kicks his look up a notch.

First of all, Moon Knight is on patrol to find the source of a bunch of disturbances that have recently popped up. He comes face to face with the source- GHOSTS! The ghosts of some punks/hooligans are terrorizing and vandalizing the streets. Moon Knight tries to fight them but he can't land a punch. The ghosts, however, are able to beat the crud out of him. Kind of reminds me of Regular Show in that one episode with music, "That's My Jam". You can't touch music but music can touch you. You can't touch ghosts but they sure can beat you up... and scare you, of course. That's what they do.

Back on topic, Moon Knight needs to gather himself and figure out how to address the ghost problem. He talks with his deity, Konshu. These talks seem to be only something that he alone can see. He gets it in his head to beef up his outfit in a way that makes him look just like Konshu. He's taking this crazy manifested imagery and pushing it outward so that everyone else in the world can see it too. It's pretty awesome looking.

What I like most about this issue, and the series so far, is the artwork and the structure of the stories. They don't drag on forever in parts 1 of 12 or what-have-you. They have a beginning, middle, end, climax, resolution, etc. All that a good story should have. There's also this succinct way each story wraps up that makes you wanting to know more without the need for constant cliff-hangers.

This is a fantastic book and I look forward to reading the next issue.

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