Monday, May 12, 2014

Reboots and Relaunches May 2014

Well what’s going on there, gang? Much like an absent father in the urban areas, I’m here to hang out for just a little but, eat most of your food, then borrow some cash while not being seen for another six months. Or at the very least steal most of your stuff while you sleep, but hey, that’s life. (A hard knock?) So let’s get on to the news, which is just me giving my opinion of things going on in the comic book industry. Which is JUST LIKE everyone else on the Internet. But with no filter or spell check for that matter.

Gotham Trailer:

The trailer for the Gotham TV show on Fox hit the world wide web sometime last week. I’ll admit that I really liked it. I liked the vibe I got from the guy playing Jim Gordon. In a city of crappy people who gun down the most well know people in the city (The Wayne Family) and every damn cop is on the take from the Mob, Gordon seems like the most honest guy there. So my hats off to him. I still say that if they try to make this show too damn kid friendly, I’ll throw my TV at a hobo.
Also Catwoman is just a kid here, (Katgirl?) But it’s a small thing that shouldn’t keep the show from being the drizzling shits. Hopefully someone out there heard me when I said this show should fit the mold of NBC’s Hannibal. Time will tell if this show has any legs.

Amazing Spider-Who 2

So Olivia and I saw Amazing Spider-Man 2 this past weekend. Olivia will have a movie review soon. Mostly because I suck at it and she doesn’t need anyone to look over her shoulder, but there were some things that ticked me off. So if you haven’t seen it (what the hell is wrong with you?) turn away now to run and hide in your closet. But be careful, there may or may not be an R&B singer waiting to pounce on you in there. TV would not lie to me. But with that said here are a few things that rubbed me the wrong way.

1-No Uncle Ben.

Ben is the reason why Peter even became Spider-Man. Plus he makes some mean rice. I can attest to that. But in this film he gets pushed aside for Peter’s lame-ass dad, Richard. Turns out HE created Spider-Man. Too bad he couldn’t create himself some damn charisma.

2-Peter is kind of selfish

More like a total dick in this movie. Anything that made you like Peter Parker from the first film gets pushed to the side. He acts more or less like something out of Twilight. I was talking to The Verbal Mosh’s own Matty Ice, Matt Milanes and he felt that Director Mark Webb was shooting for the whole Twilight Demographic. I then replied that Marc Webb should have just SHOT the whole Twilight Demographic. I then turned for a high five then I saw that I was so very alone.

3- Eels are dentists, too

Nothing major, but I was upset that the eels helped Electro with his gap in his teeth. This upset me more some for the fact that if I would have known this, I would have NOT spent $7000 on braces. I would have just went on down to the lake and played with some eels. You know you would do it too!

But hey, Amazing Spider-Man 2 did make money. I’m hoping that Disney will get the rights back soon. I’d kinda like to have Peter Parker hanging around the Chris Evan’s Captain America.  Admit it, you’d geek out too!

Hannibal makes all his meals with Shake & Bake!

Just saw all over the Internet that NBC’s Hannibal will be back next year for a third season. I’d like to go
out on a limb here and say it’s one of the best shows running right now that isn’t on the BBC. (Sherlock I’m looking at you.) It’s on late, but the writing has been crisp and hell it pulls in great ratings for NBC while not costing too much money to produce. I hope like hell it get’s a full five season run.

Wait, what do you mean that had nothing to do with comics? Oh, well. I’d like to go on but I’ve run out of things to complain about. That’s just like me. I get you to pay attention then I take off running. ( I tend to do this when a bill is due for dinner.) So stay tuned to the site and I’m sure i'll see something on the Internet that’ll upset me then I’ll have to blog about it! Until then, remember that when a comic is sold out at the diamond level, it’s not really sold out at all.

-Tash Moore

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