Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tash's Pick of the Week: Amazing Spider-Man #2

Written By Dan Slott
Pencils By Humberto Ramos
Inks By Victor Olazaba
Colors By Edgar Delgado

Well everyone I’m back with a new pick of the week and surprise, surprise it’s Amazing Spider-Man #2. It’s back to basics with Peter Parker now back in his own body after the past year and some change of Doc Ock filling in. If you don’t know what I mean think the Clone Saga from the 1990’s. Just done better but sadly without the same sales. (Say what you want but those Clone Saga issues outsold anything being put out by the big two at this point so suck it!)  Pete’s back and to tie into that awful ass Amazing Spider-Man 2 film (I’m working on getting my money back from that film, I just need a ski mask and web shooters, it only seems fair.) Electro is here too!

Ever since Doc Ock Spidey messed with his powers, Electro has been on a tear so to speak. His powers are going all nutty and he decides to repeat what he did that had brought the New Avengers
together and cause a jail break at the raft. That kind of goes down the toilet when (again his powers are messed up because Doc Ock Spidey) he kills everyone there! That’s it, Electro aim for the sky. Also next time aim away from anything living for that matter.

So Electro goes to see one of his hoes and they attempt to make out, but his powers surge and kill her. I mean it’s handy for birthdays but it can sure get lonely if you keep killing the women in your life.  Speaking of women, Peter and Anna Maria go over the whole Superior (I’m going to steal your body and become you then do the whole lets switch back in order to get a re launch and get a boost in sales if only for a little while) Spider-Man fiasco. She deals with the whole thing by baking Peter some cookies. Who knew complex problems could be solved this way. I bet that JFK baked the Russians some cookies to avert the Cuban Missile Crisis. True story.

Spider-Man also goes to see the Avengers and they run a bunch of tests. Then they say that he IS the real Spider-Man! Seeing as how they screwed this up when Otto was in his body, you might get a more conclusive answer if the fucking Avengers just went and asked Maury. Now that guy gets results. They just might not be the ones you want! Have a bus ticket handy! ( Maury: “Spider-Man, you are the baby daddy!”)

You know you’d think that I didn’t like this issue from reading the rant from above but I did like it. It was fast paced and hit all the plot points that you needed to move the story along. No space was wasted and nothing felt rushed at all. Slott and Ramos mesh well together, which leaves me with no gripe.

Spider-Man then goes up against Electro. It looks like Spidey has everything in hand before he gets a case of Bad Luck. We all know that that's the M.O. of the Black Cat. Out of jail and still super pissed at Spidey 'cause he put her in prison. Again, it wasn’t the real Peter Park……meh, you get the idea. It was Doc Ock…..or in this case I can see Peter screaming, “It was the Spider-Man with the shifty eyes!’

So Electro gets away and we get the Human Torch (Touch?) meeting up with Spidey to tell him that he has no powers and we should buy The Fantastic Four (Not for $3.99). Johnny could sure use the money, since you know, he isn’t flying and most likely is taking the bus/subway. Legit. The issue ends with Peter Parker leaving the cyber stuff at his company alone to build a new prison for the Villains of the Marvel U. I think he’ll call it Ravencroft Jr. Or not. Great issue and quirky to boot. Thumbs up.

-Tash Moore

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