Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tash's Pick of the Week: Silver Surfer #2

Written By Dan Slott
Art by Michael Allred
Colors By Laura Allred

Major props to Jack “King” Kirby when coming up with the herald of a dude who got his kicks off from eating planets. Who in their right minds would come up with a totally naked dude flying around on a surfboard?! LSD must have been passed around the Marvel Offices at the time. No Doubt, by Steve Ditko. I kid! I love Kirby and Ditko. Clearly, Kirby is so damn good that his designs are still being used to this damn day. That’s respect. Or an ability to NOT come up with new ideas. Whatever.

I really like this new Silver Surfer comic. Unlike before where the Surfer was all mopey like an emo kid flying around waxing poetic about the universe and his place in it. Dan Slott and Michael Allred have done a really good job of making the Silver Surfer more upbeat in the mold of what was going on in FF.  Just good ol' fashion fun. Which should be the formula for more comics these days. (See Mark Waid’s Daredevil.)

This issue brings us from the first issue where the residents of The Impericon are holding Dawn Greenwood hostage so the Silver Surfer can stop the Never Queen from killing them all. I’ll be the first to admit that this is some pretty heavy shit. Get your shiny bald head in the game, Surfer. Seems like this Never Queen guards all and every possible reality. That means the ones that may happen too which is totally infinite. Hmm, sounds like the creative team has been reading Infinite Vacation. But this book has better color. And it’s on time. And costs less. Go figure. Must be because Slott and Allred have a real editor to keep them on track.

Okay so Silver Surfer wasn’t the first champion chosen by the Impericon. Turns out they’ve been taking people from all over the universe and holding them in cubes so they can force someone to fight as a champion of the Impericon. Wow, what a bunch of jerks. Turns out that every other champion before the Silver Surfer has been killed. Talk about a gyp.  Instead of just being a victim and needing to be rescued (See Silver Age Susan Richards) Dawn breaks out of the holding cubes using the vomit of another captive held by the Impericon. Turns out Dawn isn’t a damsel after all.

Origin time! Silver Surfer and us, the readers, learn the not so secret origin of the Never Queen. Her heart is what is powering the Impericon! Swerve! It’s been stolen by the Impericon and they want to keep it, no matter what. Even tricking a certain bald headed Silver goober into killing the damn Never Queen. The Never Queen spills the good that she’s going to die no matter what the Surfer does, but she tells him that Dawn Greenwood will soon become very, very important to him in the very near future.

Saying his goodbye, the Silver Surfer sends his board to find Dawn while he sneaks back into the Impericon to take down the newly revealed bad guys. But Dawn is already free and leading a riot against the Impericon. So when the Silver Surfer shows up to save her, she turns the table and say’s she’s there to save HIM!!! OHHHHH! Didn’t see that coming.  Fun stuff all around and I’ll say that while the story is good, the artists are the unsung heroes giving the Surfer a quirky look that fits the modern age. I love it! Colors are awesome too! Ok I’m off to drink coffee and prowl the Internet for “Newz”!  See you guys back here soon.

-Tash Moore

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