Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Comics Rant: Amazing X-Men #8

Written by: Craig Kyle and Chris Yost
Art by: Ed McGuiness

    Coming off the big arc with Nightcrawler and a weird One-And-Done story with Spider-Man its time for another big ol' 5 part arc entitled World War Wendigo which can mean one thing for sure...there will be...X-Men in this book. Oh, and the Wendigo! Before the issue actually starts, the foreward gives you a little insight on the Wendigo and how its actually a curse put upon those who eat the flesh of other humans. Basically, you're a cannibal, you become a Wendigo. Which is something I actually didn't know so thank you Marvel for dropping some comic book knowledge on me. Anywho, this issue opens up at a meat packing plant in Ontario, Canada. Two worker are arguing over some shenanigans that do nothing for the story, but in the end the manager type figure straight cracks the worker in the face and on the way down, the poor kid snaps his neck on a ledge. Well,
only one thing to do with a dead body when you work at a meat packing plant right? That's right kids, shove the dead bastard in the grinder. You remember that whole cannibal's get turned into Wendigos thing from like 45 seconds ago? Yeah, well you know where this issue is going now.

    We now are taken to Ottowa, Canada where a familiar face comes knocking on an old friend's door. Wolverine comes to visit his friend Heather McDonald. Her husband's gone missing and luckily Wolverine conveniently brought his suit in case anything happens out there! Yay convenience! Meanwhile at the Jean Grey School, Storm interrogates everyone in the school to try and find out where the hell Logan went since he's all super cool and thinks he doesn't have to tell people where he's going. She eventually learns that Bobby, Iceman, is the one who last saw Wolverine and even knows where he's going which is Canada, a place he never goes to and doesn't get hurt. So she gets the team together and they're all off to Canada!

    Wolverine keeps the hunt going and it brings them to an abandoned town that was abandoned already before their missing person arrived there. They're led by scent to a house where Wolverine stops dead in his tracks, ordering Heather to run and call every hero team she can, he sees that her husband was attacked by a Wendigo. During her escape, she gets attacked by multiple Wendigo's and the last panel we're shown is all red and just the silhouettes of two Wendigo arms pulling Heather from either end. We don't know if they killed her or just took her away, but all we can do is assume the worst. Rachel Summers uses Cerebro and finally finds exactly where in Canada Logan is, but they see that he's scared. For the first time in a very very long time, he is scared. He's come to a pack of Wendigo in the woods. Things are about to get reeeeaaaallllll.

    That was a great issue, I wasn't bored for one second! The story behind it was great and I love how they're expanding it into 5 issues. That's a pretty long arc and it really gives the writer time to stretch this out and touch on everything that can help push the story along. Hopefully in these 5 issues we won't get some Stephen King syndrome and catch the word vomit. I'm hoping for zero filler issues in this arc, but I'm sure we won't have to worry about that. Until next week!


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